Peacock Heart

R=ring, - =picot, ch=chain, j=shuttle join, J=regular join

Center Clover: R 6-4-4-6, R6J6-6-6,R 6J4-4-6

ch 6-6-6-6, j middle picot first ring, ch 6-6,

j middle picot 2nd ring, ch 4-4, j to same picot, chain 6-6,

j to middle picot of last ring, chain 6-6-6-6 join to base of clover.

2nd round (can be done without cutting thread if you leave some space to tie into at the end):

ch2-2-2-2 j 2-2-2-2 j 2-2-2-2 j 2-2-2-2-2-2-2 j 2-2-2-2,j to bottom picot,

chain 2J2-2-2-2-2,j to same picot,

ch 2J2-2-2 j 2-2-2-2-2-2-2 j 2-2-2-2 j 2-2-2-2 j 2-2-2-2,

Tie to base of clover.

This heart is done with the hand-dyed silk thread that is linked on the main page - in the color "peacock". This isn't my favorite thread to tat with in terms of texture (quite a few minor flaws, though none bad enough to keep you from closing a ring), but I absolutely love the color and the finished "feel" of the piece! And all the chains in this piece really show off the gorgeous variegation since the color doesn't jump around between the rings and the chains

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