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Welcome to Birgit's Tatting Page!

I started tatting in March 2000, and have really been enjoying it! I am self-taught with the help of the internet. My first attempts at tatting turned out well enough that I wanted to continue. Below are some of my original patterns, as well as some examples of my tatting with links to the page where that pattern originated.

Clover Earrings- simple clover earrings.


Cebelia size 30

Bitty Angel- a small angel that is quick and easy.

Liana and Opera, size 20

Simple Suncatcher- squarish lacy sun catcher

Liana size 20

Pearl Tatted Bracelet- a fun bracelet that is quick to tat up once you get the hang of it!

Manuela 20

Strawberry Heart- a different heart with a celtic style top.

Altin Basak 50

SweetHeart - a sweet little heart that is quick and easy to do.

Altin Basak 50

Celtic Style Christmas Wreath - in size 8 pearl cotton this is about 2 1/2 inches across.

Tatted in DMC Perle Cotton size 8

Eye Candy- Here are some designs that I for some reason or other haven't documented - for your viewing pleasure. 7 designs total

romantic heart variation of the

Peacock Heart - this heart is mostly made up of chains, which makes it perfect for showing off all those great variegated threads.

This is done with the hand dyed silk thread from Victoria Clayton - link at bottom of page!

Simple Angel - a very simple angel. Sorry the picture isn't that great, but my scanner is broken! I also added a beautiful variation on the angel designed by Martha Ess

Really simple pattern - play around with it and see what you can come up with! I love what Martha did!

Tatted Buttonfly - a simple one round butterfly that utilizes three buttons for the wings and head.

Tatted in size 30 thread

Tatted Spider - kind of a 'kindred spirit' to us lace makers!

Great way to use a single button

Lattice Heart

This looks really neat with chains and rings in different colors!

(Sorta) Celtic Heart

This Button Cross is large enough in thread size 10 to make some nice Easter decorations.

These are some doodles that I enjoy making when I have thread left on the shuttle

Small Star

Tatted angel ornament


Li'l Heart - a small heart motif

Kira's Star -Christmas ornament.

Li'l Angel - a smaller, simpler version of the angel ornament, worked all in one row.

Seastar designed by Lisa Trumble. Mine is tatted in Caron Wildflower thread.

Please feel free to use my patterns for personal use, to give away as presents etc, but please don't publish them elsewhere (feel free to make copies to share with friends as long as you still give me designer credit.)

Here are some of my favorite tatting links:


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