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The Brisker Family

My Story - 1970's-1990

About 25 years ago I was given a handwritten document by my uncle's wife. This appeared to have been written at the turn of the century and related to my father's family, the Ades family. I was at that time living in the Midlands, where I was born and brought up. However, the Ades family appeared to originate from the East Sussex area, and coincidentally (or not!) that is where I now live. I took on the role of interpretating all the information in this document and gradually formed a picture of my ancestors, tenant farmers in the 18th and 19th century.

After I moved down to the south coast, my paperwork took on a further meaning as I was able to visit the birthplaces, residences and resting places of many of these long-gone family members. Now, in this age of the Internet, I thought it time to share the information I have collated over the years with others.

The main research takes the form of this study of the ADES family. Looking through the telephone directories in the UK, this name would appear to be far more prevalent in the south than elsewhere. It is therefore my contention, I hope one day to be proved, that all of us bearing this surname descends from the three sons mentioned in this document, Thomas, Edward and Stephen (a fourth brother Richard died unmarried).

As you are visiting to this page perhaps you either have interests in the families listed or the area concerned. If so, please e-mail me. I would love to hear from you. May I in addition apologise for anyone who has tried to contact me on my old Freeserve e-mail address, unfortunately this is no longer functioning.

Caroline, Sussex, UK.

Below I have set out the original pages I have in my possession as they read detailing Thomas and Edward's families. Further contacts and research from the relevant Parish Records made have also enabled me to compile details of Stephen's descendants on a separate page, The Ades of Sussex, Part 2 - Stephen's Family.

I have not verified all this information, but have simply copytyped it as written. However, in instances where I have found contradictory information from official sources, I have added footnotes, and also comments accordingly. If you do spot any discrepancies, errors or facts that contradict information you may possess, please let me know. My document appeared to be written around the turn of the 18th/19th centuries, therefore I would love to take any family branch line further. I have in many cases linked up direct ancestors with currently-living members and descendants of the Ades family

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Thomas Ades of Ticehurst, Sussex, living in 1670 married Dorothy (she was buried at Ticehurst, 24 February 1703-4) and had two sons, Thomas, of whom pursuantly, and Robert married Margaret and had John, baptised at Tiechurst in 1663, Robert, baptised at Ticehurst in 1670, and Jane, baptised at Ticehurst in 1685.

Thomas Ades of Ticehurst (elder son of Thos. & Dorothy Ades) married Mary (she was buried at Ticehurst 5 October 1740) and had four sons and two daughters, Thomas, of whom pursuantly, Richard, baptised at Ticehurst in 1701, Robert, baptised at Ticehurst in 1705, Stephen, baptised at Ticehurst in 1709, and buried there in 1721, Elizabeth, baptised at Ticehurst in 1699 & Mary baptised at Ticehurst in 1694. Mr Ades was buried at Ticehurst 20 June 1739.

Thomas Ades of Hancox, Sedlescombe, Sussex (eldest son of Thos & Mary Ades of Ticehurst) born in 1692 married first [1] Mary Durant (she died 26 March 1763 aged 66 and was buried at Sedlescombe) and had four sons and two daughters. THOMAS of Brede Place, EDWARD of Hancox, STEPHEN of Seal, RICHARD, died unmarried 14 June 1742 and was buried at Sedlescombe, Elizabeth, married Christopher Thorpe (and had Christopher who married his cousin Mary-Durant Ades) and Mary married Robert Thomas of Westfield, Sussex (and had Mary married Mr Palmer of Battle, Sussex). Mr Ades died 30 November 1769 and was buried at Sedlescombe.

THOMAS ADES, of Brede Place, Hare Farm & Broad Oak, Sussex (eldest son of Thos & Mary Ades of Hancox) born in 1733, married first Mary Barnes (died 21 July 1787 aged 51 and was buried in the Brede Chantry, Brede Church) and had six sons and three daughters.

  1. Thomas (T.1) of Boons Hill, Iden, Sussex, born in 1767 married Harriott Snoade, and died at Boons Hill 27 August 1820 being buried in the Brede Chantry. He had three daughters, Elizabeth of Boons Hill, Harriott died 25 August 1801 aged 3 years and Amy, married Edward Hilder of Bilsington, Sussex (he died 29 September 1854) and died 9 March 1866 having had Thomas-Ades of Boons Hill, Pirton, N S Wales, Albert-Thorpe of Ridely Court, Kent, Edward-Martin of Ash Place, Kent, died 9 October 1889, Henry-Graham, Ellen-Elizabeth, died 14 January 1854, Kate, died 22 December 1850, Agnes and Harriott-Ades, died 16 February 1851.
  2. John (T.2) of Brede Place and Hare Farm (twin with Elizabeth) born in 1770 married Miss Pankhurst of Eastbourne, Sussex (she died 6 October 1861 aged 89). He died 17 July 1849 and was buried at Brede having had Thomas, died 15 April 1813 aged 6 months, Frederick, died unmarried 16 February 1857 aged 48 and was buried at Brede, John, married his cousin Harriet Thorpe (she died 3 April 1863) and died at Udimore, near Rye, Sussex, 2 January 1876 having had a son Walter Durant, drowned at sea, and a daughter Mary-Durant of Udimore, and Maria-Sarah, married her cousin, Spencer Ades of Hellingly and Hailsham, Sussex, died 7 March 1897 aged 81.
  3. Thomas (T.3) [2] born in 1772 died 11 July 1842 and William (T.4) (twin with Thomas) of Oakham, Rutland, for 46 years Clerk of the Peace for the County of Rutland, married about 1802 Martha, only child and heiress of ___ Tennant, merchant of London (she died November 1846 and was buried at Oakham). Mr Ades died s.p. at Oakham 7 June 1858 and was buried there.
  4. James (T.5) of Whatlington, Battle, Sussex, born 1774 married Mary Hilder (she died 4 May 1818 aged 43 and was buried at Whatlington) and died 24 August 1830 having had James, baptized at Whatlington 9 July 1800 married Harriett (and had Charles, baptized at Whatlington 31 August 1827 and Mary baptized at Whatlington 3 July 1823), Thomas born 10 August 1806 baptized at Whatlington 1 April 1807 and Mary, born 4 and baptized at Whatlington 7 August 1799 married James Watts, M.D., M.R.C.S. E., of Battle, Sussex (he died 8 October 1880 aged 90 and wa buried in Battle Cemetery).
  5. Aaron (T.6) of Pickdick, Brede and Worsham, Bexhill, Sussex, born in 1783 married first Mary Webb (died 9 May 1809 aged 21 and buried at Sedlescombe) and had Spencer of Hailsham and Hellingly, Sussex, born 28 August 1808 (married first Anne Bennett and had Jane-Ann, died 17 January 1870, secondly, Hannah, daughter of William Arckoll, of Falmer, Sussex, and had Alfred, died January 1875, and Mary, married E White of Laughter, Sussex, and thirdly his cousin, Maria Sarah Ades) and Mary-Ann, born 7 May 1806, married William Brown of Tonbridge, Kent. He married secondly Charlotte, daughter of William Crisford of Westfield, Sussex (she died 27 March 1814 aged 27 and was buried at Brede) and had Aaron, Midshipman R.N. born 26 March 1814 drowned at sea 31 August 1833, Charlotte-Crisford, born 22 December 1812, married Charles Long, and Augusta, born 9 June 1811 married 1833 Richard Wilson of Hobart Farm, Tasmania (he died 22 March 1889 aged 82) and had Robert, Mary-Ann married James Henry Buscombe, Elizabeth married John Perkins, Jane married Hon Alfred Page, Charlotte married Sydney Page, Fanny-Maria and Augusta married D M Kennedy, M.D. Mr Aaron Ades married thirdly Sarah, Mrs Develin, sister to his second wife (she died 17 Sept 1847 aged 66 and was buried at Ore, near Hastings) and had Charles born 28 May 1821 died 18 June 1842, Amy born 28 June 1827 died 16 September 1846, Sophia Sarah born 7 September 1819 died 18 March 1880, Thomas of the Lodge, Meopham, Kent, born 16 April 1823 married first 3 July 1851 Matilda, second daughter of Thomas Reeves of Staplehurst, Kent, she died March 1852, and secondly April 1857, Harriett, daughter of Edward Coombes, son of George Coombes, of the Hise House, Northfleet, Kent, and has Alfred-William [4], Thomas-Harry, Charles-Edward, Howard-George, died in 1876, and Florence-Sarah. and Sarah Jane born 10 October 1824, married January 1857 Thomas Stonham, J.P., of Rye Sussex, and has Thomas-George, M.D. Claremont, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, married 21 Oct 1886 Lilian Isabel, daughter of William Taylor, M.D. of Bolton, Lancashire, Frank, Ernest, married 2 January 1888 Jessie daughter of William Wilks of Ashford, Kent, Arthur, Herbert, Louis, Kate and Amy.
  6. Dorothy-Durant, died 7 March 1774 aged 9 and a half years.
  7. Mary-Durant, married her cousin Christopher Thorpe of Stonelynk, Fairlight, Sussex, and died 23 March 1847. He died 3 March 1854. They had Edwin-Ades, James, Charles, Harriett, married her cousin John Ades, William died 25 June 1886, Christopher, Mary-Elizabeth, John, Benjamin, Thomas-Durant, George and Fanny.
  8. Elizabeth, twin with John, [3] married Spencer Mosley of Castlemans, Sedlescombe, Sussex (second son of Robert Mosley of Crowham Manor, Westfield Sussex, by Ann, his wife, sister to Samuel Banker of Heathfield, Sussex) (snip - a lengthy portion of test detailing Mr Mosley's mother's family was included in the original document but this has been excluded for the purpose of this transcription as it does not relate specifically to the Ades name or family history) and died 19 December 1861. Mr Mosley died 19 June 1856 aged 71. They had Ann-Elizabeth, married John Nash of Somerset House, Charlotte married Mr Shorter of Mountfield, Sussex, Maria, Harriett, Caroline and Mary.
Mr Thomas Ades married secondly Sarah Hyland (she died 12 December 1843 aged 76) and had two sons and three daughters, Henry (T.7) married Jane Reed of Ore, Sussex, Alfred (T.8) married Philadelphia, daughter of Joseph Davis, of Lydham Hill, Guestling, Sussex, and died 1 March 1884, Sarah married Tilden Smith, of Great Knelle, Brede, Sussex, and died 4 July 1871, Philadelphia, married John Davis, brother to Mrs Alfred Ades and Charlotte, married George Goble, of Rolvenden, Kent.

EDWARD ADES of Hancox and the Manor House, Sedlescombe, Sussex (second son of Thomas Ades. of Hancox) born at Hancox in 1740, married at Sedlescombe 29 July 1761, Mary, only child and heiress of Moses Cloak, of Sedlescombe, Dallington and Whatlington, Sussex (she died 22 January 1770 aged 31 and was buried at Sedlescombe). They had three sons and two daughters.

  1. Edward, (E.1) of Hancox and the Manor House, Sedlescombe, and Battle House, Sussex, born in 1764, married Mary, daughter and co-heiress (with her sister Mrs Stephen Walter, of Tietsham Hall, Kent) of Benjamin Ollise, of Horsmonden, Kent, and cousin to Sir William Martins of Hyde Park Gardens W. (she died 20 April 1852) and died s.d. 3 February 1829.
  2. William died young 12 January 1770.
  3. Moses, (E.2) of whom pursuantly.
  4. Philadelphia, died unmarried 19 May 1789.
  5. Mary, born 1762 married Thomas Deudrey, of Bexhill, Sussex, and died 13 August 1855 leaving issue.

Moses Ades, of the Manor House, Sedlescombe, Sussex, born at Hancox, 11 January 1766 and baptised at Sedlescombe 2 February 1767 married Ann, daughter of Robert Mosley of Crossham Manor, Sussex (she died in London 11 November 1855) and died 31 December 1855 having had six sons and eight daughters.

  1. Spencer (E.21) of Brickwall House, Sedlescombe, Sussex, born at Crossham Manor, 14 September 1790 married 20 February 1811, Ann, daughter of John Ticehurst of Ticehurst, Sussex (she died 12 September 1855 aged 65). He died 10 December 1861 having had Arthur, born 12 January 1817, died unm. 10 April 1870, Henry of Winterbrook House, Ealing, Middlesex, born 8 March 1819 married 21 March 1857 Marianne youngest daughter of John Perkins, Merton, Surrey (by his first wife, Mary, daughter and co-heiress of James Morris) and grandniece of Richard Clark, M.P. of Porch House, Chertsey, Surrey, Lord Mayor of London, and died 30 June 1889 having had Arthur-Harry, Edward-John, Alfred-Edwin and Alice Mary; Thomas born 17 April 1821, James born April 1823, Edward born 18 John 1825 died unmarried 6 April 1884, Alfred born 26 September 1827, John born 2 December 1831, Ann born 17 January 1813 married William King, cousin to James, 7th Earl Waldegrave (he died 26 October 1875) and Elizabeth born 8 January 1815 married 5 July 1945 William Saunders of Eastbourne Terrace W. (he died 10 January 1869).
    Further contacts I have made since this page was originally uploaded have revealed that it would appear Spencer of Brickwall had an eldest son, also called Spencer, who is missing from my document. As he had several children and would thus possibly have Ades descendants, I have included his details on a separate page
  2. Edward, (E.22) born 16 August 1799.
  3. Arthur, (E.23) born 9 May 1803, died 28 July 1814.
  4. Moses, (E.24) born 1 January 1805.
  5. Robert, (E.25) born 30 August 1809.
  6. John, (E.26) born 17 April 1813.
  7. Mary, born 22 March 1797 married Rev John Grace (he died 3 March 1865) and died 7 June 1838 having had Mary-Brook, married John Gorringe of Cobbe Place, Sussex, Cornelius, Anne married Benjamin Hitchcock-Nunn, John and Rebecca, married Thomas-Henry Chapman of Preston, Sussex.
  8. Philadelphia, born 25 April 1792 died 14 March 1793.
  9. Ann, born 18 September 1793 married Spencer Weston of Carshalton, Surrey (he died 1871) and died November 1868 having had Spencer, George, Joseph, Cornelius, John of The Cedars, Putney, Elizabeth, Mary, Charlotte, Ann, Martha and Edward of St Leonards-on-Sea.
  10. Charlotte, born 31 March 1795, married Thomas Taylor of Cranbrook, Kent,

  11. At this point, the handwriting had reached the bottom of a page and unfortunately there were no subsequent pages attached. However, further sources have meant I have been able to list the remaining daughters in the family

  12. Jane, born 20 May 1801, married John Barnes of Hastings.
  13. Philadelphia, born 14 June 1807, married Reader Miller of Barnes Hill, Kent (he died 11 June 1864).
  14. Harriot, born 18 June 1811, married Charles Seymour of Cranbrook, Kent.
  15. Ella, born 2 October 1814, married Henry Fowler of Brighton, son of Rev John Fowler of Broadwood Kelly, Co Cornwall, and has Benjamin Ades, Henry Ades, John Ades and Hannah, married William Cole
STEPHEN ADES of Seal and formerly of Hare Farm, Brede (younger brother of Thomas and Edward Ades) - for details of Stephen's family and descendants, link to Ades of Sussex Part 2 - Stephen's Family.

[1] No mention has been found of any subsequent marriages of Thomas Ades Snr. [BACK]

[2] There appears to be no record of William's twin Thomas (born in 1772) in the Brede Parish Records. It would also appear unusual for a son to be called Thomas when an living older sibling aged five also bears that name. No account has heard of elsewhere. There is also no death record of a Thomas Ades in 1842.[BACK]

[3] Although the document states Elizabeth 'twin with John', the Brede Parish Records have a baptism date for Elizabeth of 1780, ten years after John was baptised in 1770. Whilst this confirms the birth date for John of 1770, it would appear unlikely that twins would be baptised ten years apart. [BACK]

[4] Alfred William was my great-grandfather. My grandfather's (Esmund Selby Ades) birth certificate lists his father as being Alfred William Ades of Elmsleigh, Sevenoaks, Kent.[BACK]

The Brisker Family - I am descended from the Brisker family of Kineton and Gaydon, Warwickshire, England, and also have a large quantity of genealogical data of that side of my family. I hope to also put this on the Internet at a later date. In the meantime do e-mail me if you have any connections to that surname.

Additions, Corrections and Comments Welcomed.

The Ades of Sussex Family History and One-Name Study compiled by Caroline nee Ades.
With thanks to Auntie Pam for giving me the document that started this interest, the people of the Parish of Brede and Sedlescombe.
last updated May 2007.

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