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BearRich's Home Page

BearRich's Home Page

BearRich's Home Page

BearRich's Home Page

BearRich's Home Page

BearRich's Home Page

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Hi I'm BearRich.

Hi my name is Rich, I am a 46 year old gay male that lives in the Carlisle, PA area. I am 5' 7" tall weigh in at around 280 lbs, salt & pepper hair,beard and brown eyes.

I am a very loving person, I like to cuddle, go to the movies maybe bowling or camping, have a nice dinner with some wine. In general I am pretty much a homebody myself, I never was or will I ever be into the gay scene the way a lot of guys are. I feel that when you are in a relationship that is the only person you are with. I don't like it when another guy gropes, kisses or in general molests the man I am with right in front of me like it is natural. I think way too much importance is placed on the sex issue for me, there are more things to life than just sex. Don't get me wrong, sex is great but it isn't the end all and be all of my existence.

I feel it is very inappropriate for another guy to come up to the one I am with and put a liplock on them or grope them. I feel like I am in a VERY small minority when it comes to my views on relationships unfortunately and wonder if I will ever have a good relationship that I can trust the one I am with without worrying about being cheated on again.

I SMOKE...if that bothers you I'm sorry but that isn't going to change anytime in the near future. I enjoy smoking and really don't want to quit.

If you fit what I described and like my page or just wanna say WOOF!! send me an E-Mail by clicking the CAVEBEAR below!!

Here are some of my favorite links....

The Bear Ring

The International Museum Of Gay And Lesbian History

The Commercial Closet

The Home Of Queer Duck

Over 1000 FREEWARE Games

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