Ranns Family

Ranns Family Tree


Barry's tree including, Ranns, Gibbon, Barr, Brown, Jacobs,Brooks, Bristow

Do you know anyone in tnis tree? If you do PLEASE email me at the address below

As with all genealogy, this page is constantly evolving.

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You know how frustrating it is!
You are sailing on happily with your research, when you hit the inevitable brick wall.

This is why I have formed this ring, a meeting place for all we frustrated researchers.
Feel free to join this ring, let's try to build the biggest brick wall ever, and then, ancestor by ancestor, systematically knock it down.

My Brick Walls

Thomas Ranns
Place of birth-Unknown
Date of birth-unknown
Marriage date c1813
Married to Honour Belsham

William Barr
Place of birth-Unknown
Date of birth- Unknown
Place of marriage-unknown
Date of marriage c1810
Married Amy

If you can help, please email me.


Table of Contents

Prepared by:

Barry Ranns
5 Westbrook
Co. Durham, DL3 6TD
Tel: 01325 483796

Send email to: bazranz@hotmail.com

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