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cable tv man - 10/23/00 10:22:47
My Email:Luciano@home.ro
Favorite cargo plane: C-5A Galaxy
Hometown: Constanta
Country: Romania

Impressive! Send my best wishes to all your friends!In God we trust!Nihil sine Deo!

Tobi - 10/17/00 15:08:13
My Email:Huber.Tobias@T-online.de
Hometown: Bellheim
Country: Germany/Deutschland

Hello Chris Brands Im the brother-in-law from Chris(tian) Brands from Germany, also Bellheim. He told me about you and Ive got to your homepage over a link in his homepage. I saw on a photo, that you were in Bellheim anytime. I hope, you enjoyed the time in Bellheim and Germany. Many Greetings from Tobi

John - 10/16/00 18:16:44
Favorite cargo plane: C-130
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Country: USA

Nice site. I'm impressed by your research and that you gave a bibliography. Well done. Wish you continued success in life.

Chris - 10/14/00 06:44:15
My URL:http://cbrands.home.pages.de
My Email:Christian.Brands@T-online.de
Favorite cargo plane: My car ;-))))
Hometown: Bellheim
Country: Germany

Hi Chris, here is my vist to your homepage. It is very interesting to read about the planes and U.S. air force. Well done. I wish you many, many visitors and writings in your guestbook. I will do a link on my page to yours. Many greatings from Germany Chris

Ker - 10/06/00 10:42:02
Favorite cargo plane: c17

Your info was really neat. The pictures were great! My guy is in the USAF and he is a Flying Crew Chief on the C17 Cargo Plane. This page was nice to read. Thanks for taking the time... Have you ever checked out airliners.net? It is cool!

Chris(I run this site!) - 10/04/00 00:19:17
My URL:http://webspace.webring.com/people/qb/b31640/index.html
My Email:b31640@yahoo.com
Favorite cargo plane: C-130 Hercules
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Country: USA

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