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    Hi all ! Want to make new friends, receive cool and
genuine stuff from exotic cities you like ?

Welcome to Global Posting, an unique and free website dedicated
to the early internet concept of sharing with the world
(before everything became 'for sale').

How does it work ? Well, pretty simple.
Add a request here and you'll receive a regular
mail parcel from the chosen foreign poster.
In exchange, make a parcel from your city and send it !

Discover the world a slightly different way !

(more details in the faq section)
Nicolas / Bruxelles / Belgium
Sophie / Bruxelles / Belgium
Nicole / Baldwinsville / New York / USA
Julie / Lorient / France
Rebekah / St Antonio / Texas / USA
Daniel / Canberra / Australia
Jonghun / Seoul / Korea
Lisa / Toronto / Canada
Carol / Washington State / USA
Tokyo or any major African city
Any French city
India, Madagascar, Afghanistan
France, Italy, UK or anywhere in Asia
New York or Beijing
UK, Rome, France, Anywhere in Asia
Germany, Australia, Ireland, Sweden

Currently exchanging with Jonghun

Currently exchanging with Nicolas
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