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John Allen - 12/17/00 06:24:23
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You've done a great job here. Glad I stopped by.

Eric Owens - 12/05/00 17:45:17
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Helena - 09/22/00 23:25:45
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Hi Nice site you have built. I am trying to make the complete circle in this ring and sign everyone's guestbook. Sure hope I can make it! Please drop by and visit my site. I offer a large selection of 100% FREE greetings and virtual gifts for all occasions. If you like my site, please bookmark it, consider using it as your primary greeting site, and tell your family and friends about it. Thanks Helena

Chris - 08/15/00 08:20:33
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Comment: Good job!
Keep up the good work, like the site. If you like fiction check out mine too at www.madprince.com

s.y. affolee - 03/09/00 19:00:31
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Palette/4409/
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Really like your site! I especially like your mystery stories :)

Lady NeeNee - 02/22/00 16:54:29
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Comment: Good Job!

Your website looks great! All of your hard work shines through and it is obvious that you have spent a great deal of time and effort into making these wonderful pages! Why not consider putting your site to the test? Come join the Digital Delilah's Website Competition?

David De Golier - 11/26/99 04:47:56
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Really like your site. It is very well done

Monica - 10/04/99 21:13:23
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Comment: clicked on your banner ad
I clicked on your ad to visit your site. I hope you will come check out my site also--please sign my book while you're there!

albert giesbrecht - 04/30/99 06:11:12
My URL:http://members.theglobe.com/giesb/beinthemovies.htm
My Email:albertgiesbrecht@hotmail.com
Comment: Very good site!
This site gets better and better! I have learned alot and your short stories are both thought provoking and entertaining, in a haunting way. I think you ought to turn your stories into screen plays for the outer limits show. Now I just have to work on my site...

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