Charitable Causes
There are several ways you can contribute to charities without spending a dime(aside from possibly postage)  Here's a list of just a few(including several click to donate charities at the bottom :

Save Campbell's Soup Labels for education. If a school near you collects them, then drop your labels off(after you eat the soup of course! LOL) If not, consider sending them here.  Simply check in with a public school near you. (most schools in Ontario already save these to earn points toward new equipment for their school.)

Many organizations collect Zehrs, Superfresh and Commisso's tapes as well.  A few examples include Associated Services, The Food Bank,  and Bethlehem Place(Zehrs and Superfresh only I think) at 58 Welland Avenue, St. Catharines, and some schools as well.

Has your child outgrown his/her coat?  Simply take it to your local Coats for Kids drop off point and next year some less fortunate child will keep warm thanks to you(I believe most dry cleaners in St. Catharines will do minor repairs on coats and ship them to the Coats for Kids drop off for you.  The Salvation Army is the primary drop off point in several areas across Canada and the USA.)

Take your quality used clothing to Salvation Army, Associated Services (also sometimes called Community Care), or Good Will.

Used furniture in decent repair can also be donated to Salvation Army or Good Will.  Some locations will even pick it up if you call and ask

Heinz Baby Food Labels can be sent to Sick Kid's Hospital.  They get up to six cents per label. Here's the address.

protect the habitat of endangered or threatened species in 7 countries

here's a directory of SEVERAL charities you can click to donate

another directory

and another

donate and you can win

Aid for Teens

Donate a click a day

Donate Free Mammograms
(with links to several other charities)

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