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Hello my name is Hazel and this site is dedicated to my struggle with self injury and Eating disorders. I hope you will find the content of this site useful and informative, but to some people this site could be triggering, if this applies to you make sure you are safe before/ if you continue.
This pic is taken from the film stigmata. I believe this relevant as scientists have not yet been able to prove if stigmata is real or caused by self injury.
This website should not be used instead of medical help.
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Last updated: 21st Jan 2003
Added Tina the troubled teen :)

updated: 13th Jan 2003
Added Bulima nervosa information page.

updated: 11th Jan 2003
Added medication page.

updated: 29th July 2002
I'm back from ethiopia so able to update the site :)

updated: 29th January 2002
added quotes, and eating disorder sections.

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added picture in gallery

updated: 15 november  2001
added another entry into the diary of self mutilation.

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added another poem by tom and another entry in the diary of self mutilation


Girl Interrupted staring Winona Ryder and Oscar winner Angelina Jolie.
A moving and inspirational film based on a true story about one young woman's experience inside a psychiatric hospital.

Blackstone chronicles is a challenging adveture game available for the PC.
tortured souls from the asylums grim past are your only hope as you search desperately for your missing family.
Medication and its affects

Stigmata staring Partricia Arquette

Frankie paige is unlike other girls, things happen to her- terrible things she can neither understand nor explain.
Eating disorders
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Tina the Troubled Teen
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