Welcome, this is the self-proclaimed official webiste of
the Others

This website is primarily about me and the Others. (explained in the site) While at times I will give information about mental illnesses, I am not a liscensed psychiatrist or psychologist, so do not diagnose yourself by reading anything that is written here.

What will be in this site are my own personal reactions to my mental illness. I will tell you what it is like to live with one, or actually, five. This is my life. I am not a textbook. These are just my feelings. This is who I am.......

Please note: this stie may be triggering for those of you that have survived sexual abuse and rape, or who may be recovering or actively engaged in an eating disorder. This is NOT a pro-ana site by any means. I will give no tips, I will give no numbers. Enter as you wish....

since I am (gratefully) using geocities, this means that there will be pop-up ads on the upper right side of each screen. By clicking on the upper right box in that ad, you can get rid of each ad, which will let you see the full page.
The Beginning is a Very Good Place to Start
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