This is a system to monitor effectiveness of candles used in magickal workings. There are various ways to interpret them, but these are the most common.

The candle explodes: There are 2 different ways to interpret this. If it is a protection or reversing candle it means that the candle protected something from attacking you and/or alot of negative energy has been directed towards you. If the candle is being used to dominate or cause conflict to someone, it means that the person is being spiritually protectd. If this is the case, you are to light another candle of the same type to break thier protection to allow the spell to work correctly.
Candle does not burn: If the candle is a prosperity or protection candle, this means that a other type of spiritual cleansing must be done before the beginning of this spell to remove the negativity of the enviornment before proceeding. If the candle is being used for domination or to inflict harm then another type of spell must be used.
The candle has a high flame: The spell is going to be effective and work fast. If for prosperity or protection, the enviornment is clear of negativity. If for domination and harm, you will most likely see quick results as they do not have spiritual protection.
The candle has a low flame: In regards to prosperity and luck, cleanse your enviornment. In regards to domination and harm, they are resisting due to a strong spirit and it will be awhile before you see results. It is suggested that you try another spell in combination with the present one to see faster results.
The candle burns the glass completely black: If the candle burns down the entire glass is black, it is thought to mean that negativity or witchcraft has been directed towards you. Cleansing the enviornment and lighting a reversing candle should do the trick. If this happens when burning a candle to dominate or harm someone it's suggested to stop because it may possibly be turned back on you.
The candle burns the top half of the glass black: If only the top part of the glass burns black this means that the spell was initially met with negativity before it began it's work.
The candle burns the bottom half of the glass black: If is a candle for prosperity or luck, negativity was sent your way and the candle detected it. If used to dominate or harm, the spirit of the person was alerted and reversed the spell.
The candle burns only on one side: This means that the spell will only be part way effective. This means that the wrong candle or candle dressing was used.
The glass cracks: If being used for self protection, this means that the candle broke the negativity in the enviornment. This can also mean witchcraft or the presence of secret enimies. If being used to dominate, it means the protection of the individual was broken.
The flame crackles: If for self protection it means that someone is talking about you and has bad intentions directed towards you. If being used to harm, it means the individual is thinking about you.
If the candle has more than one flame: The center or main flame represents you. If being used for protection each one other than the center one represents an enemy. If being used to dominate, it means that the person is being helped by others.
The candle flickers: When a candle flame flickers, this signifies the presence of spirits.
The entire top of the candle including the wick is on fire: This means the spell is being fought off by  guardian spirits but more than likely, the spell will be successful.
The candle flame goes out during the spell: If the spell is for protection this means that while the job was being performed, witchcraft was directed your way and your spirits were unable to fight it. If directed towards another, their spirits were able to fight off and have alarmed the individual. Another type of spell must be performed.
Can a candle be extinguished and then lit again later?: You can put a candle out. It will not loose it's strength. Just invision your intent for it when relighting it.
How do you put out a candle?:
Placing a plate over the flame thus allowing the flame to extinguish itself naturally or use a candle snuffer. Alos, you can blow it out. Your breath adds part of your essence to it. You are not blowing away the magick.
What if a candle is extinguished and then relights itself?: This means that your guardian spirits do not want you to turn the candle off because they are detecting something good or bad for you. If the candle is turned off they cannot assist you effectively.
What if a seven day candle burns out before 7 days?:
This means that the spell is working fast and another candle must be lit immediatly. Money is coming in regards to prosperity spells, alot of negativity in regards to reversing spells and in spells of harm, that the individuals spirit is fighting it off but it will soon be successful.
What will make a candle spell work more effevtively?:
Using the appropriate incense, oils, herbal bath, salts, powders etc.
Can you burn a candle when there is no wanning moon?: Timing is fine but our lives have certain demands upon them. Instead of worrying about the exact time, plan your magickal workings around your available time.
The spell didn't work cause I did it wrong!: If you did a spell diffeently or with different didn't do it wrong! The only mistake you would make is to have lack of clarity of intent and ethics. The way you do your rituals is based on personal preferance, not upon rules.
One of the purposes of candle magick is to free you and your mind from limits. You are reaching into a spirit realm. Earthly guidelines are artificial when you are merged with the feelings and abstractions you can experience during candle magick.Many of your magickal efforts will be free-form. Magick is there to inspire the creative sides of us all. Through our creativity and self-expressions, we can most purely reach the god and goddess, dieties etc. Rigidity and fast rules are something to avoid in magick.
1) Approach the ritual with the most knowledge you can about the procedure 2) Performing it with respect and dignity 3) Injecting it with your personal strength and style are the only rules you need to follow. Forget superstitions and styles. Rigidity has no place in magick, just know the rules and when to bend them.
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