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Check out our introduction to Radio Controlled Aeromodeling.

Featuring some information to start this hobby.

All you need is interest, patience and persistence.

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Current Projects

Alam Sutera Aeromodeling Club
Alam Sutera Aeromodeling Club (ASAC) is a club for Aviation enthusiast that established in 1995 , where I am a member.
The club is specifically focused on flying radio controlled model airplanes (including Gliders) and helicopters.
The flying field is located inside "Alam Sutera" real estate, Tangerang, West Java, and it is just 30 kilometers away to the west of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.
Click ASAC website in this neighbourhood.

Hot List

This site and its link will show you about radio control ( RC ) hobby.
This site is a leading hobby supply and links to a range of rc model interest..
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Personal Interests

Radio Controlled Model Airplane
I am interested in this part of the hobby because I can really...reallly...really.... "have a ball" with it. The process of building, setting up, and flying it, really exites me. Eventhough all of these activities sometimes upset my beloved wive and kids and also my wallet.
My best interest is Aerobatic Flying. You have to try this and then You know why.
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