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Schotzi's Page
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Hi! - I'm Schotzi. I'm the newest member of our "Schnauzerly Family". I came to live with "Pepper" and "Posey" all the way from Atlanta Georgia. My former family's lifestyle had changed and I didn't "fit in" anymore. Well, enought said about that, I had a bit of a "rough start" here in my new home. I didn't want anyone around my food or water and was more than happy to let "Pepper" and "Posey" know it. I would snap at anyone who tryed to touch my collar too! The only thing I knew was My new Dad was the only thing that mattered to me, and I stuck to him like glue! That was long ago and Dad has got me over my food issues, and now I like to play "tug-o-war" with Posey. I have learned to tolerate "Pepper", it's really hard though cause she is really bossey! I don't like children, they really upset me and I tend to snap at them when they scare me. I still stick really close to my Dad but that's OK cause we both love each other a whole lot! Since Dad has found me and Posey he has gotten involved in rescue work, fostering for the wonderful folks at "Cincinatti Schnauzer Rescue" They are a great bunch of dedicated and loving people, volunteering their time and homes to any schnauzer in need of a second chance.

I hope you don't mind the mess but I'm trying to build my page as fast as I can, I'm not much of a typest, so it takes me a lot longer than my other "fursisters" to build my page.
My paws are killing me!!
Be sure to come back and visit me often, I'll be look'n for you!
Please excuse our mess,, this page is still
Schotzi - born January 9 2000 in Greensboro, NC
Came to us and her new home June 25 2004 Liberty Center, OH
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