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Posey's Page
I dont know my exact birthday,
so I'll just say I'm 6 years old!
As you probably have heard, my name is Posey. I feel like the new kid on the block, cause I just came to my Forever Home. I think I'm gonna really like it here. My new FurDad and FurMom have got me a bunch of new things, a new collar, leash, crate and best of all a FurSister! Her name is Pepper, maybe you know her.(She's prety popular around here!) She is a lot of fun! I'll never get bored with Pepper to play with! We have lots of toys, (when I say Lots I mean LOTS!) We have three toy baskets- that's rite- and all three are full and running over! They have lots of treats to, the really yummie ones! I hope I dont miss my FurBrothers, FurSisters  too much. And most of all my foster FurMom Pat. She is the
kindest, most wonderfull FurMom there ever was. We love each other soooo much! She has dedicated her life to helping FurBabys like me get well, and find new Forever Homes! Looks like I'm gonna be prety buisy getting settled into my new home-at least for a little while, so stop back and see me again!
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Peppers Page
RainBow Bridge
Updated 12/30/05
There is Nothing Like a Schnauzer!
Hello again! Well, I'm settled in prety well now! I think I'll stay! My new dad is teaching me some really cool tricks, right now I'm learning to "shake hands". I still haven't quite got the hang of ringing that bell dad has tied on the door knob, when I need to go out and potty, but dad is very patient with me, and I know I'll get it one of these days. I'm prety buisy with Pepper showing me the ropes around here. She wants to be the first to do everything, and gets kinda bossy sometimes, but I dont think she really means anything by it. I know she loves me underneath that gruff "put-on". I got a new haircut, and a prety new scarf for Easter. We all got to a place called "Cleveland" last week (I hoped we might see Drew Carys furkid "Speedy") to look for a special kind of van for my Mom-She sits in a chair with wheels that goes all by itself, It's a little scarry,but I'm getting used to it. I better go,cause Pepper is barking at something outside and I just gotta see what it is! Stop and see me again-O.K.?
Mom got that cool van! It has lots if room for all of us! Pepper rides in the back with Mom and I get to sit in the front with Dad, in my very own seat! Dad keeps reminding us to keep our "schauzels" off of the windows! The van is sorta a high climb  for me and Pepper, so we get to ride the lift with Mom! - Way Cool!! Now we all go to the store together, and sometimes just for a ride to see what we can see.  Dad takes us on his golf cart, boy do we go fast! my ears flap so much, I think I could fly! Dad really likes to garden, and lets us go out and help him, Dad  says "You dig the holes and I'll do the planting-Not too deep, OK?"(sometimes I get a little carried away!) Dad just chuckles! I have- oops, I mean "WE" have the flower beds looking mighty fine, any Schnauzer would be proud! We got an invitation to the SFRA Schnauzer Fest in Cincinnatti, Ohio next month, Dad told us we might all get to go if we were good! I really would like to see Pat, my great friend, and former foster Mom. I know she would like to see me too! It will be a GREAT TIME!
We all had a great time at the Schnauzerfest 2004! We stayed in a nice hotel with a lot of other schnauzers and their familys. We saw so many schnauzers! big ones, little ones, loud and quiet ones, and they were all so beautiful! I felt very honered when I was asked to be the grand marshal of the rescue parade! Dad said the food was really good and so did Mom and her aide, but me and Pepper did'nt have any.(we are trying to watch our weight) Me and my fursister Pepper talked to a Pet Psycic. She told us some really  fascinating things, she told Dad where I came from, and what my life was like, before I was rescued. She let Dad know that I am very happy with my new home, and that I know that I am truley in my forever home. I have to tell you, I saw my foster Mom Pat, she is my forever friend who introduced me to my forever family. Pat and me hugged and kissed and loved one annother just like old times! Pat is the greatest! Dad snapped a few photos, maybe I can get him to put them on our photo page. On our ride home we all decided to make the Schnauzerfest an anual trip!
Schotzi's Page
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Dog, Dogs, a Canine Wonderland! - If you love dogs, visit I-Love-Dogs.com now for tons of free dog stuff!
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Schnauzer Rescue Cincinatti !!
Hello again!  Lot's of things have changed around here! I have a new Fursister, Schotzi! She is from Atlanta Georgia, a real southern belle! Go to Schotzi's page and learn all about her!  My Dad has become a foster for the "Schnauzer Rescue Cincinatti" group. The orginization is headed by Pat, you know, the same Pat that saved me, and arranged my forever home with Doug - my Dad! Pat has a great bunch of people volunteering their time, and homes, to save as many other schnauzers like me, from a life of neglect or mistreatment. Pat and all the others at "SRC" are commited to helping all my needy fursisters and furbrothers they can. Since we are a foster home now, life is lot's of fun! I think it's realy cool haveing new friends staying with us. I can help teach them how to be the best schnauzer they can be. We also show them what to expect when they go to their forever home. My Dad says fostering is a very rewarding experiance! The folks at "SRC" are allways looking for volunteers. --------- You should try it!  
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