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I'm RRR-eally excited!

Dad just told me I might have a new sister coming to live with me!
I think that's is GRRR-eat!  He said her name is Posey, I should be really extra nice to her, and be sure to make her feel at home. He told me she lost her other human family, had some health problems, and she is probably still a little scared.
I told Dad ,"Don't worry cause I'll keep her safe when she comes to live in our home!"

Posey will be my fur-sister & playmate forever !
Dad told me Posey could have a web page sorta like mine, as long as we all help. Dad will probably do the typing for her, (Like he did for me.) cause those keys just don't fit our paws!
Poseys foster fur-mom says she sat Posey down, and had a long talk with her about how she should be on her best behavior, and put her best paw forward when she comes to her new forever home!
Posey Has Arrived!  Come in and Meet Her!

December 15, 1998
Liberty Center, Ohio
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