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Be sure to see my restoration progress below!
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I've always admired Cadillacs. My Dad had several over the years, that's how I became familiar with them. Dad would boast humorously,"she'll pass everything but a gas station", I have found a great deal of truth in his statement!, with a curb weight of over 5,200 lbs. and a 500 cid V-8, this "Eldo" will quickly get you anywhere you want to go in style and comfort, and at an average of 12 mpg. After my fathers passing, I aquired his 1975 Cadillac Eldorado convertable. It's now 29 years old, and has 122,000 original miles on the odometer. Suprisingly, there is  very little rust for it's age. The latter miles were added mostly on the weekends, visiting family and just going "out for a drive". I have started to "restore" Dads Eldorado, but have no projection of when it will be complete. I guess you might say it will be my new hobbie!
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"Restoration News"
Well, I have begun the restoration! Starting with a new steering gear box, a general engine tune up, and some minor carb work. I have been shopping for various soft  (plastic) exterior body parts, and aquired most of the needed pieces. I've plans to have them painted and installed as soon as a new convertable top, new carpet, new interior door pannels, and some minor seat leather replacements are finished. "Spring  has Sprung"- I'm get'n "antsy" to go cruis'n !  04/30/2001  
Just went out and had new radio speakers and custom radio/tape installed. Sounds Excelent!! (Factory Fit!!)
Just got back from the shop,new top, carpet and door pannels looks great!  Today she goes in the body shop for complete body paint, door alighnment, a.c. service, and front end alighnment.  (Concidering all new leather for seats!) 05/20/01
The Eldo is still in the body shop! The paint keeps getting pushed ahead. I got some BAD news on the A.C. system-- the compressor is apparently shot--I guess I'll be shopping for a new one. (anybody know where I can get a good price on one?) Good news is, the body man says he will do the paint this comming week. I'm really "die'n" to get her back, there is a local ralley comming up soon, and I'd like to show the "Eldo" off - (just a little)      06/23/01
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The Caddi is back from the paint shop! Looks good! To celibrate I upgraded the audio system with a new amp and sub-woofer. Now I can hear the bass when the tops down at highway speed!  07/03/01
More news!- Had to replace the ac compressor,and had it converted to R134./ Replaced the Quadra-Jet carb after a major fuel leaking event.(gained 2.5 MPG)/ Replaced the wind shield washer pump with a new one./ Stopped a high speed miss (cap and rotor).And repaired all the fiber optic monitors. 08/08/01
A Rough idle, and a hesitation on acceleration, proved to be caused by a vaccum leak on the intake manifold gasket, starting replacement now.
Idler and pitman arms are a little sloppy, guess I'll do those too.
1975 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado Convertable - (500 cid)
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