OK, Here is a new series that we are starting. There are four updates coming with this set. And, just to keep things interesting, I'm leaving the best pictures for the later updates. These pictures are OK, but the ones in the coming updates are MUCH better. This photoset was shot on 1/23/2000 while we were in California. We don't know anybody there, but plenty know us now! I just love the way her nipples stick out. I also love the fact that YOU are looking at my wife's BRALESS nipples! What do you think? Are they erect enough?

Some of the tops that Laura is wearing were bought at a thrift store. They are a great place to buy clothes cheap. I got her 7 tops for $15! They also have the benefit of being well worn (thin!). Hope you like this set.

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My Braless Wife Gallery Seven
A new
slinky top
This yellow top
is really see-thru
A stretchy (tight)
green top WOW
Same slinky
pink top
400 x 265
400 x 265
400 x 265
400 x 265

Whoa, skikken
This turtleneck
is a favorite
No hidin' these!
That turtleneck
400 x 265
400 x 265
400 x 265
400 x 265

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