VirMin is 3D 'game room' that I'm creating. It has shared real time events such as chat, dice rolling, data sheets, and 3D models. It's generic nature will allow for it to be used with a wide variety miniatures gaming, role playing games, board games, and microgames. After it is released (spring 2006), I'll be working in earnest 2D and 3D gamesets for my favorite games as well as helping others create gamesets for VirMin.

Concept and screen art:

Something besides space ships... VirMin can be used for mecha games, RPGs, and other board games as well.

Here's an example of a data card. This is a DAT directly taken from the TCOM2 DAT Builder program without any modification. The red dots and hash marks are added by the user.

I discovered the 'set normalization' command which DBP defaults to the off position. Duh!

I restarted the VirMin project using Dark Basic Pro.

These are the last screen shots from the WildTangent/Java version:

Some fleet banners from the old TCOM2 Campaign Book... Models like this can be easily integrated into VirMin. There are even options for setting up custom background spheres and other features.

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