What good is a space combat game if can't rip gory chunks out of your friend's battlecruiser?

Tactical Command is an easy to learn set of rules for starship combat. You can play it using the included V_MAP software or you can print out all the components and play Tactical Command like a traditional paper wargame. Support for virtual miniatures on your computer is also under development.

V:TC is a game of tactical combat in the depths of space. It's fast and fun carnage as capital ships and their escorts rip into each other. Use the VirMin universe or create your own epic tales of ships locked in mortal combat. You're not limited to space craft either. Tactical Command is flexible. The VirMin Campaign Book provides examples of space ships, land juggernauts, and naval vessels for your gaming pleasure.

  Tactical Command rules (PDF)
  Cluster War rules (Strategic PBEM game, PDF)
  Dozens of printable maps, counters, box miniatures, and control sheets.
  Over 100 megabytes of programs, images, and more...


Custom design your units and send them into the jaws of war.
Starship Combat News

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A small disclaimer, the DAT Builder program does not resolve or display damage. Damange traces and indicators are included to illustrate how damage is determined and applied to a given design. Development continues on VirMin, my virtual miniatures program for playing TCOM3 and other games in a 3D chat room. The current version has support for marking on DATs so you can record damage and ammunition expeditures within a game session.

VirMin,VirMin: Tactical Command, Cluster war, and V_MAP, are Copyright 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 by Todd Zircher.