The Science Fiction Conflict Simulation List (SFCONSIM-L) is a fantastic resource
for all manner of sci-fi discussion. Its members include a lot of professionals
from various scientific fields and military personnel.

Online resources for GMs, players, and solo gamers...

Alien Name Generator 3.0, a quirky little utility that rolls up random names for assorted
science fiction races. It also includes a create your own language rules section.

Evil Robot Generator, one can never have too many killer robots at your disposal. ERG is
another random chart generator (with bonus evil robot name generation.)

Malformed's Twisted Golem Generator, my entry into the Forward! To Adventure random table
contest is a variation on the ERG design with the intent to create golems and constructs for a
high fantasy setting.

MapGen Lite 2.0, is a bare bones version of the MapGen untility for creating sector maps
and Cluster War hex maps. The output is a formated text that you can copy and save locally.

Random Plot Hook/Story Generator, is a fun little web toy that pulls random elements
from an list and tries to string them together create a setting for a story.

Rocket Calc Online, rocket science for the space cadet. If you're wanting to add that
hard sci-fi edge to your gaming, but don't want to sweat the math, check out this utility.
It's a work in progress, but I already have sections for easy constant acceleration and orbital
velocity calculation.

Star Wars Saga edition NPC Generator, this utility allows SWSE GMs to quickly roll up
non-player characters for their campaigns. This web toy is designed to be quick and easy
to use. The user can narrow the randomization to specific races, classes, levels, and ability
generation methods. The SWSE NPC Generator also creates random equipment lists based
on the NPCs skills,feats, and talents.

VirMin Dice Server 1.0, is up and running. The Dice Server allows you to roll multiple dice
and send them to the GM or other players. Besides standard dice, there are specialized
functions for V:TC and Cluster War (handy for solo-players.) There's even a free form
text section so you can tell the GM/players what the rolls are for and what order they
should be handled in.

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