The Miscellaneous Development page is part suishi and part gallery page. It details some of my efforts in game design and production. It's generally a catch all for anything that does not have a dedicated link in the navigation bar.


Some sound effects that I was playing around with for a possible tactical squad level game that I want to make. AUDIO GALLERY

A while back I joined up with some young people to work on a game entry for an Alienware/DBP contest. Here are some of the models that I created for that game: ALIEN CONQUEST GALLERY

FX Realms sponsored a contest on Renderosity for Creature Creator Pro. A couple of ringers stole first and second place, but I managed to win third place and get a prize. Here are some samples of critters that I have created with Creature Creator Pro: CCP GALLERY

Q'TEZ FLEET, a single composite image of all the Q'Tez units that I made for the Space Empires V beta. These models are game meshes. So, they lack some of the rendering engine details like bump and glow maps maps. The Q'Tez are one of the many races in the strategic space empire PBEM game, Fire on the Suns.

One of my other pets projects is helping Robert Wiggett on his re-make of Bullfrog's Syndicate. The name of the projects is Syndicate: Remastered and you can see my work in progress images here: SYNDICATE GALLERY

I've also worked on some Renegade Legion Interceptor game models for a future project. Phase I is geometry and basic textures. Phase II will include some custom textures for each as well as some more models. RENLEG GALLERY

Assorted links of interest...

The VirMin page has work in progress images of my 3D chat room program and other sci-fi or virtual miniature related artwork.

Moray Home Page - Moray is an excellent companion program to POV Ray, a powerful and free ray tracing engine for 3D graphics. In recent ray tracing news I heard that the POV Ray people have bought the rights to Moray and are converting to an open source modeller for POV Ray.

DoGA CGA - DoGA CGA, a wonderfully easy to use and affordable 3D graphics suite.

My DoGA Support Page is the home for my DoGA CGA L3 English translation project and tons of DoGA resources and tutorials.

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