Cluster War, 3rd edition, is a set of rules for a light weight strategic space empire game. It normally requires a human moderator although some provsions for solo gaming are included in the rules and as web base tools on the resources page of this web site.

CW3 is intended for play by e-mail gaming with orders and turn results stored in a convient format such as a spreadsheet. While that sounds real number crunchy at first, the main benefit of spreads sheets is that they provide a standardized format for orders. That ability to tally up numbers is really a perk and allows the players to focus on writing their orders rather than sweating the number of construction points spent on something.

Cluster War can also be used as a scenario generator for Tactical Command 3rd Edition. Both sets of rules are designed to work with each other.

As they become available, I'll post additional resources such as turn sheets, example games, etc.

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