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I have been a huge fan of Darkwing Duck since the beginning.  Granted, I was quite young when the show first came out, but I fell in love.  Darkwing exposed me to a world of humor, family, and vocabulary words, all in a half-hour package on my TV screen.  There is so much praise that can be said for this amazing series, but it's especially close to my heart because it was my childhood.

As an aspiring animator/voice actor/writer, animated series have continued to interest me far past my pigtail years.  I am a college student, pursuing a degree in Media Arts and Japanese.  One day, I hope to be involved in the animation industry, as I firmly believe animation is an incredible medium that is well equipped for telling all kinds of stories.  Comic books is the other medium I adore, and I hope to write and illustrate my own in the years to come.  

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