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So you want to escape suburbia, huh?  I guess we understand... Here are some awesome places to go.  Thankfully, Darkwing has a multitude of sites devoted to him on the net, so I'm listing only the places I feel are great "launchpads" to the Darkwing fandom.  So have fun, and y'all come back now, y'hear?

The Darkwing Duck Page One of the best DW sites on the net--chock-ful of news, information, adoptions, and more.  Check this one out!

St. Canard  Another awesome site with a great layout--episode reviews, theories, and much more.  Not to be missed.

Zebeckras' Darkwing Duck Zone  Fantastic profiles on all the main characters, FAQs, voice actor information, and other goodies.  Also great fanfic and fanart!

The Negapage  Kim McFarland's awesome fanfiction and fanart.  These were the first stories I read when I came to the net.

The DAFT Mailing List  Its archive hosts years worth of Darkwing and Disney Afternoon submissions.  Screen grabs, fanart, fanfic, sounds, and more!

The Darkwing Duck Diary  One of the most amazing Darkwing Duck sites--unfortunately, it isn't updated anymore.  But go there for merchandise information, episode information, and more!

St. Canard Asylum  I love Angelina's fanfiction.  This is a great site with some really funny scans of Darkwing Duck a la francais!  Go check it out.

Destiny of a Hero  Mander's awesome Darkwing site.  Tons of sounds, screengrabs, mpegs, fanfic, and fanart.  We love Mander. :)

License to Steel  The web's definitive Steelbeak shrine!

This is a very cute Darkwing Duck site with character info, and a lot of humor. Go check it out!

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