I'm putting this site together for all of those Celica & Supra fans out there. I thought it was a shame that there was very little information on the Web for these great cars. I would like to thank everyone out there who has helped me, especially Alex Gutarin, who was a great help in setting up the site, and Matti Kalalahti, whose page inspired me to create a page solely for Celicas & Supras. Scott Davis deserves credit for proving that it's possible to be a college student and still have a cool car. OldMage also gets credit for finding many inaccuracies in the page and nagging me until I fixed them. ;) Thanks also to my dad and my good friend Jeremy Wolff for helping me take apart things and put them back together again.

Special thanks also go out to the kind owners who sent me pictures of their fine cars.

What's New:

April 23, 1999
Also, if you'd like me to add a link or post a pic of your Toyota, let me know! I've started a gallery of Yoshi's Friends. So what are you waiting for? Contact me at tom@foundation.umsl.edu or Oldmage at oldmage@coho.net

Here are the best Toyota-related sites I've found on the Web:

General Toyota Sites
Matti Kalalahti's Automotive Page
The Toyota-Mods Mailing List, great list and lots of info on all Toyota models
If you're interested in performance parts, check out
Toysport and Cyberspace Automotive Performance

Sean Figgins is the host of the Old Celica Club site, a must for 1971-1985 Celica fans!
The Celi-News site is the premier source for European Celica and Supra news and info.
1983 Pro Stock Celica, a Swedish Celica with the heart of a big-block Chevy

Scott Davis' Toyota Stuff, with info on Corollas

Speedie's excellent Supra Resource Page
www.supras.com is the home of SOGI and SONIC. Great site!

Are you an MR2 fan? Then www.mr2.com is a great site for you!

Other, non-Toyota sites:

Z Car
ZCar.com is a great site dedicated to one of the true classics!
Nissan has their very own Z Tribute

Ford Probe/Mazda MX-6
The Probe GT Performance Page has a lot of info on Ford's OTHER performance car!

Skog's BMW 02 Page has lots of great 2002 stuff!

www.442.com has just what Dr. Oldsmobile ordered

If it comes from overseas, chances are it's on the Import Performance Page

'82 Celica

Celica & Supra Info Celica & Supra History Modifications Info
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