This page is here to keep changes of all Yogi's web sites, not just Yogiland, but also the Ugorek family page and Yogi's education page. Keep watching here for the changes (only the last month's worth of updates are saved)!

February 3. 2005

Three more cards posted to Making Sense of Chaos. 11 More cards before it is complete!

February 1, 2005

OK, I got updates to all of the official Spellfire guides I think (see the version histories - some updates have different dates, but take anything since Novemeber as an update), edited the Friends of Spellfire, closed the SF trading post (though the others are open), made To Live and Die By Starlight current, and the new, current Domestic Update was posted on the family site! Oh yeah, the pro site also got completely reworked and revisioned...

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