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        The Sterling Slash started when one player wanted to play, but my other game was full, so we started a one-on-one game.  It quickly grew, and this campaign is even weirder than the previous game (the Planescrape game).  We've had moments of complete insanity, almost violent arguements, and a player (not a character) having his "familiar" getting it's tail burned off.  It's been a wild ride, but these quotes are all of the ones I have I remember right now.  If you played in this game, let me know if you remember more than this short list.  Enjoy!

"He's a my little teifling!"
- Marie, observing, about Ralsek's horsee tail with bows in it.

 "Up shut, stupid slut!"
- Ralsek, to Quintina

"I'm going ow!"
- Bryan, for Nayrb, declairing his action after the assassination attempt on him

"I wouldn't touch that if you payed me, and that's saying something!"
- Quintina, who's know for hitting on any male that moves

"Is there something you're not telling us?"
"Oh yeah, I can cast spells now!"
"So now he tells us!"
"You can talk?!?"
- Jerika, Nayrb, Cedric (Jerika's familiar, an owl), and Nayrb again

"My hair is in character."
- Harry, whos character just got hit by lightning

"I run, run, run, run, ... Oh, and I'm being sneaky about it!"
- Harry, for Quintina

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