Spellfire Decks of Doom

        Many championship quality decks have been posted to the Spellfire Mailing List.  I've posted as many as I can, with strategies from the winners when possible.  Here are some options:

        World Champion 2002 by Mike "The Ogre" Huebbe
                24 of the other 26 quarterfinal decks in the World Championships of 2002
        World Champion 2001 by Brian Kellenberger
        World Champion 2000 by Brian Kellenberger
                3rd Place in World Championship 2000 by "Baron" Jim Leichsenring
        All 27 decks that made it to the semi-finals in the World Championships in 1999

        US National Champion 2000 (from Pentacon) by Bill "War Party" Blanton

        Here are my decks I've made and currently use:

#1 - Tournament Decks
              9/10/99 - QCA-CON

#2 - Mighty Munchkins

#3 - Bastard Deck

#4 - I'm Smarter Than You  [Millenium Enhanced]

#5 - The Mystic Deck

#6 - Beheading

#7 - Hot Heads  [Millenium Enhanced]

#8 - Lizzie  [Millenium Enhanced]

#9 - Bloody Hell! [Millenium Enhanced]

#10 - I'm not quite dead yet! [Millenium Enhanced]

#11 - Livin' Large [Millenium Enhanced]

#12 - Holy Deck, Batman!

#13 - Drow Justice

#14 - STUMPY!

#15 - Coons

#16 - Street Magician [Millenium Enhanced]

#17 - Recycled Halflings  [Millenium Enchanced]

#18 - WWF  [Millenium Enhanced]

#19 - Dark Sun Rising

#20 - Simply Sealed

#21 - Popporatzi


Other themes worth investigating:

Underdark, Burning, Eventless, Event Immunity, Manipulation, Permission, Championless, Swimming, etc.


Some decks I've made for special tournaments:

No Events, No Spells, and No Psionics Tourney (QCA-Con '99)

Here are other decks sent to me by others:

Realmsbane - By Jarod Cresswell

Mystery Men - By Chad Samuels

Will You Just Go Away?!? - by Chad Samuels


That's just the tip of the iceberg. Have fun with what decks I have up and I'll post ANY that are sent to me here .

Note about card notations: with dash, first number refers to edition then card number. Other than that, expansion abbreviations should be simple and obvious (except DL = Dragonlance & DR = Draconomicon).  Also, I note what version of the card I'm using, but any version of the cards are acceptable, since none of the decks use Poor Oriental Lord or Wealthy Oriental Vassal.  However, if you intend to make any of these into top quality decks, please keep those two cards in mind.

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