April 16-17, 1999
A Photo Essay

        CODCon is a yearly convention that occurs at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL.  Most of the photos shown only reflect the games that I played in and ran.  Sorry, but that is where I was.  This year, there were many events, including the usual AD&D, Star Trek: Next Generation RPG, Anime, and many various card games.  We also had new things around, including even more vendors, special guest Brian Jelke (of Knights of the Dinner Table fame), and Earthdawn RPG.  See what you think.  If you are interested in going to this con next year, get details at the COD Sci-Fi Website.  Trust me, you'll love it if you go!

This first picture came from the only event I played: Netrunner, the collectable card game.  The game is based upon the RPG Cyberpunk  It is a great game pitting the large mega corporations of the future again a single computer jockey on a virtual worldwide network, hacking computers and getting corporations annoyed.  In a tourney, you play both as the corporation and the runner.  I used my Acme Expansion corporation, and used the Infamous Drip Deck.  Any questions about the decks, see my Netrunner Deck Page.  Pictured: (L-R) Jeff, Marie, and Bryan, the judge of this silly event.  Oh, if you care, I did win the tournament.

This is the silly group that decided they wanted to play the first game I ran: Great Dalmuti!  This is a great little non-collectable card game that simulates mid-evil classism.  You take the role of anywhere from the greatest peon to the Great Dalmuti (AKA King).  The game started as just 5 people, but by the end, we had to turn people away due to the great number of people!  In the end, Steven Ratz was the King, with David Blankin-Webb being the lesser dalmuti overall.  I was just a merchant.  Either way, it's a great game by WotC that is fairly cheap ($8).  Try it, or come next year when I run it again!  Pictured (from left to right): Thomas's Cheek, Harry, Bryan, Steven, Jenine, Deb (hiding behind the head of), and David.

The next game I ran was the classic Dungeon board game by TSR.  Basically, this is a dungeon crawl where all you do is kill monsters and get treasure.  There are many roles, and even more with the use of the Ral Partha edition (which I did use).  This allows people to play warriors, paladins, thieves, rangers, clerics, wizards, gnomish illusionists, dwarves, elves, and halflings!  Each player has a goal (in Gold Pieces) to get and leave the dungeon before other players do without dying (the players often fail in the last respect  8^).  Pictured is the large board, people (from left to right: Thomas, Deb, Sandy, Harry, and Jenine), and my immortal hat at the close edge!   It was a very close game, with many dead monsters (such a orcs, weretigers, and dragons, oh my!) littering the dungeon, at least 2 players who died in game (and then started playing new characters), but in the end, Thomas, the gnomish illusionist won the day, just beating Sandy, the paladin out into the safety outside the game!  In this picture (left), you see Sandy, Harry, and Jenine trying to plan out their next maneuvers from the dastardly Thomas hands (lower left).  More chaos ensued.  This is an out of print game, and therefore hard to find, but a great game if you can find it.  Standard Price: $20

Lacking appropriate pictures because we were all having too much fun actually playing to take pictures, I'll use pictures of some of the people in the next game I ran.  This was the Spellfire One Deck competition.  Spellfire, one of my passions (if you couldn't tell from the rest of my site!), is a CCG based on AD&D where players build their own kingdoms.  In this version, everybody playes from one deck I supply.  This puts all the players on even footing, and lets the best players do well.  We had 5 players for the game (plus myself, the judge and the "deck", passing out the cards), and had many some battles and many wierd card plays.  I've never seen so many people afraid of a werebear before :)  I also learned not to add things that made realms unattackable (no more triton throne!).  However, battles did happen and everybody got to feel targeted (as it should be).  Finally, when the smoke cleared and time was called (2 hours would have been long enough if we started on time), Bryan Grube (pictured on the left) bearly won the the tourney, just ahead of our resident Mountain Dew addict Andrea (pictured above, on the right with her favorite substance), who took second place.  Steven Ratz rounded out in third place.  Thanks everybody for the great tournament!

However, my events were far from the whole con.  I can't say I took part in everything, but I did get a few more pictures of what else was going on.  Pictured, you see (as always, left to right) Dan Taylor (at least the back of his head), Scott Meyers, Thomas Price, and special guest Brian Jelke (from Kedzer and Company, famous with Knights of the Dinner Table) demoing a new game called Elemental.  For more info on the company, try their home page.  Also around the con, there was an Anime room, Earthdawn, Star Trek CCG, Pokeman CCG, and Legend of the 5 Rings.  Everybody who came (including the people from Lazer Quest, and various local gaming and art shops) had a blast.  I hope you can join us next year.  For more info about next year, contact Dr. James Allen.  Oh, and just because I can, here is a picture of Dan's face (with Scott next to him):


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