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Hall of Records Burns
by Drakus Lightquill

       Sigil, Outlands - While the Sigil Advisory Council debated what to do with the closed Hall of Records, the ex-college was gutted by ravaging fire.
        On the evening of Retributus 9th, Sigil's Hall of Records was torched.  While the buildings still stand, both towers had their contents burned by what is thought to be magical fire.  While the separate Hall of Census Records and the Acheron Battle School (once the Rowan Academy of Training) still stand unharmed, both the main Hall of Records and the Hall of Property Records had flames shooting out of their roofs one bell after anti-peak.
        "It's awfully peery that both buildings burned in one night," said Marcus Legup, chief Son of Mercy investigator.  "We know there are some old tunnels linking the buildings where the fire could have started, but we won't know until our investigation is complete.  The report should be completed by the 19th, when we will give it to the SAC in closed session."
        This is just the most recent in a run of disasters for the building complex.  Originally Bigby's College of Academic Arts, it was bought by the Fated (faction) about 300 years ago.  When the Faction War struck, it became clear that a few of the buildings on the campus had been used to house troops and prepare for battle.  When the faction dormitory was razed in combat against the Sensates, more destruction reigned.  Then, when the Lady's Edict came down and the Takers left for Ysgard, more catastrophe struck when many cutters that saw the opportunity decided to remove vital chant about themselves to never see the light of day, destroy key contracts, and dig up the dark on rivals.  The Sigil Advisory Council decided, in its first official decree, to seal the Hall campus before they could figure out what to do with the place.  Now this fire means that very little remains aside from a few empty shells of buildings.
        "What's worse," said Councilor Adriann Goldenson, "is that this will make it even harder for the courts to get final rulings.  It's tough now with dabus judges speaking their rulings in those darned rebuses and the interpreters guild demanding more for their efforts.  This will just add a fire mephit to the stew!"

Sigil is Merchant's Mithral Mine!

by Sarat Vaultwatcher
       Sigil, Outlands - While many merchants avoid Sigil these days, those that stay here find high profits!
        With the last report making the mercantile interests look gloomy, it needed to be noted the sparkle that is truly available here.  With the increased risk of coming through Sigil, along comes the lack of competition (in case the Lady, by her graces, ever decide to close the portals again).  That lets merchants charge more, as they are charged more.  Therefore, all prices go up.
        This may seem hard on customers, but with fewer merchants willing to take risk, it's hard to find the best price.  One needs often to search for hours in the Bazaar to find the speciality items they seek.
        "I love Sigil.  I couldn't help but keep bringing my wares to Sigil," said Marcy Hunter, proprietress of the Flaming Fruits in the Great Bazaar.  "I have to pay more to get my fruits from the Elemental Plane of Fire, but since I'm the only one able to do it, my Salamander and Dao customers are willing to pay quite well."
        "Anyone can find a market to corner here now," said Councilor Estavan.  "Everyone knows greater risk yields greater profit.  I'm just seeing to it that my constituents get the materials they need to live happy lives."
       Sarat Vaultwatcher is the TT's new beat writer on the guilds.  This tiefling wants the common being to know what's happening and to make all dark light so the Faction War never happens again.

On Assignment

Yeoman, Bytopia - Iyill Rubylips reporting
        This wonderful, industrial town is now a perfect place.  The bustle of town commerce and the steady work of Right Honorable Lizabet the Seer, Mistress of Guilds and Mayor of Yeoman has finally removed the stain of the Order of the Planes Militant.  After accidently burning part of the Bazaar with their antics and years of legal games, the Conclave of Masters has now formally voted to keep any who openly display the symbol of the Order out of the city, and any found within the city will be fined five gold and asked to leave immediately.  These ramifications allow this reporter to declare the town perfect. Any small folk will be perfectly at home hear, and any seeking gemstones will find some of the finest crafters here.  If it is fine enough to attract the likes of Councilor Estavan for good business, it should be good enough for you.  It get here, just throw a two headed coin at The Wound That Bleeds (the new sculpture in the lower ward to commemorate the Faction War) and you'll find yourself just a mile out of town.  Good Business to you.

Sharing a table with ... Arwyn Swan's Son
by Drakus Lightquill
        This is the second in a series of nine sessions of our fine editor speaking with each of the nine councilors that make up the Sigil Advisory Council.  Next month, we'll bang around with Estavan of the Planar Trade Consortium.

        Drakus Lightquill: Thank you for your time, councilman.
        Arwyn Swan's Son: You are welcome.  We are here for our common man, after all.
        DL: First off, and please do not be insulted, but what is with your name?  It seems barmy just to be known as the son of another.  Do you have your own name?
        ASS: Do I, yes.  Will I share it with you?  No.  I know how unwise it is to reveal one's true name.  It happened once and I will not let it happen again.  You can call me by The Son, if you wish, but I'd prefer Arwyn Swan's Son.  Please print that.
        DL: Well then, can you share where you got that name?
        ASS: Surely.  On my home of Toril, I was following my patron's will.  However, I was going into the "godless" lands of Mulhorand, and I found quickly that the teachings of my lord Tyr were heretical to their horrible beliefs.  I found I was outcast for my name.  However, when I helped an old woman from city bandits, I later discovered she was a woman of great prestige.  Madam Swan told me to go with her blessing, and acting as her son, as her own died in an act of horrible treachery and dishonor.  Since then, I've used the name, and it reminds me that all are worth protecting, and all I do, I do to honor her.
        DL: Beautiful story.  Do you expect others to really believe it?
        ASS: Why not?  I do not lie.
        DL: Well, I'm not sure about that.  Isn't it true that before the War, you were acting against your own factol, Factol Nilesia of the Mercykillers?
        ASS: I was collecting loyal followers of Justice because Nilesia was perverting the morals of the Mercykillers.  She was taking her riotousness too far.
        DL: And some might say your followers, the Sons of Mercy are much the same.
        ASS: There are some who hold their pride too high.  I try to keep it in check when I see it.
        DL: What are your faction's goals?
        ASS: First off, we are not a faction.  The Lady forbid all factions.  We might become one if they become legal again, but for now, we will wait.  As to the goals of the Sons of Mercy, when the Harmonium left, the city was in chaos.  Someone needed to keep the city clear of those trying to harm her and her citizens.
        DL: What separated you from the Hardheads then?
        ASS: The Hardheads wanted to take over Sigil and shape it in their image.  We just want to protect people and give common justice.  We don't kill prisoners just because we think they are disharmonious.  We punish properly.  A person stealing food is punished to work with the Hive Feeders group for a week, not having his hands cut off or executed.
        DL: But punishment isn't up to you anymore is it.  Isn't that for the judges to decide.
        ASS: Uh, yes.
        DL: Also, isn't it true you have to get a little dirty to defeat the dirt of Sigil.  Isn't it true that crime rates went up like an Arborean mortai when you first took over?
        ASS: Well, yes, but we buckled down quickly.  Crime rates were only up for a few months, but now they are at a pretty low level.
        DL: Couldn't that also be due to the dabus judges.  Interpretation of their rebuses has resulted in some barmy rulings.  Folks are more peery of trying the system now.
        ASS: Well, it could be the reason, but I truly believe we are the reason.
        DL: Another point.  The Sons of Mercy haven't been given any sort of official support to do the law protection.  What gives you the right?
        ASS: It's not a right, it's a job.  We are just doing what needs to be done!  Besides, the next Council meeting will have the final vote recognizing the Sons as the official town guard.  Also, we accept people into the guard other than Sons and Daughters.
        DL: Very well.  We appear to be out of time.  Thank you for your time, "The Son".
        ASS: Very funny.  You are welcome.

Bazaar Bargains: Pandemonium Pipes

by Kez'bat
        One thing any Cager will tell you about the great Bazaar it's noisy.  Under normal circumstances, a cutter can't even catch her own thoughts over hawker's cries, snatches of conversation, and the screechings of would-be bards.  Over the years, I have become accustomed to the cacophony, so when I heard a noise that sounded clearly through the din, I took notice.
        I followed the sound to a booth labeled "Pandemonium Pipes."  Unlike most instrument makers, Ariel Windsweeper, the proprietress of Pandemonium Pipes, keeps the instruments in their cases because many of them play by themselves whenever any air currents are present.  This was excellently demonstrated by the P-shaped flute as long as my arm which hung out in front of the booth; it emitted low, haunting tones even though there was no perceptible breeze.
        Ariel Windsweeper, an air genasi with a curious tic at the corner of her mouth, lost no time in introducing me to her products.  When asked if there were any enchantments on the pipes other than their self-playing ability, Windsweeper smiled knowingly and asked if I had anything particular in mind.  When I explained that I was merely curious, she showed me various flutes, recorders, ocarinas, and instruments I have no name for whose powers ranged from simply playing lovely music to emitting a bloodcurdling shriek capable of penetrating most silence spells.  Some pipes worked love charms, some sounded like birds or wind in the trees, some were enchanted to attract and charm vermin.
        Are they worth the jink?  Probably, depending on what you're looking for.  A golden lady seeking to add a note of enchantment (excuse the pun) to her garden party and the lookout boy for a party of cross-traders are equally likely to be satisfied with their purchases.  And while I was not shown them, a blood wanting to drive his greatest enemy into ruin or repay an old debt by reducing someone to gibbering insanity will also not likely be disappointed.


Masquerade Ball in the Lower Ward
        The Entertainer's Guild is proud to announce the first annual All Sigil Masquerade Ball. Prizes will be offered for Best and most Unique Costume.  "We hope to bring things back no normal," said Posing Nemot of the Entertainer's Guild.  "It's been a rough year for everyone and we hope to make this a yearly event." The Ball will be held on Retributus 23rd at 8 hours after peak.

Festive Fun Back in Swing
        After minor renovations, Chirper's has reopened and is once against the largest festhall in the entire burg of Sigil!  Come, and enjoy all the features, the exhibits of planar beasts, and the finest foods in all of Sigil.  We especiall cater to those of you interested in tasting delicacies of your home primes.  Please come and enjoy!

Sigil City Council Meeting
        The Sigil City Council meets once per month in an open session for you to air your concerns and to ratify laws on the ninth of each month.  Come and speak fairly.  But be warned, you have only two minutes before you are muted.

        In keeping with SAC order #2-7, the personal possessions of those who've had their items seized by the order of the Sigilain Courts for their crimes, and those stolen items recovered from raids that could not be returned to their owners, will be sold off to the highest bidder.  Come and get a bargain.  Auctioneer: Yeboy Hawkler


Nit Picking Sods!
        Many of you have been pestering me this last month about the errors in the common in the last issue of the TT.  While you may have been right, PIKE IT!  Just to shut some boneboxes, I've hired Jineen Swiftink as Proofreader and receptionist here at the TT.  Thank her for showing up, as it is what is keeping many of you berks alive.
                                                                     -Drakus Lightquill

Intelligent Cutters Sought
        Are you a sharp, creative cutter?  Want to make piles of jink?  We may want you!  Sigil's Interpreters Guild, responsible for interpreting the judgements of dabus judges in the Sigilian Courts need more cutters to help keep our courts clear.  Come and try out, and you may find your natural knack waiting within you.  No training provided.

        Try the door of the new temple to Hades (built over the Shattered Temple).  Carry a wheel by its axle.  It will lead you to the truth!

Help Wanted
        Torus Times is looking for a few good writers!  If you have always wanted to be a writer, here is your chance.  We're looking for reporters to go on assignment, find bargains here in Sigil, head our travel section, and other assorted jobs.  Inquiries should go to the T.T. offices next to Ylem's Replication on the border of the Lower Ward and the Hive.

This line could be yours!
        Anyone interested in announcing or advertising in the Torus Times can do so for a mere gold piece for 50 words or less, plus an extra 3 coppers per word more than 50.  Contact the T.T. office by the 12th of each month to get into the next issue!

        Looking for prime yeth hound meat for special delicacy orders.  5 GP per pound fresh meat.  Bring orders to the back door of Imel's Happy Tongue.

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