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Merchant's Still Peery of City's Gates
by Drakus Lightquill
       Sigil, Outlands - Even now a year after the Tempest of Doors, merchant's still shy of commiting their bulk or shipping through Sigil.
        "I'm still scanning for new routes for my fine goods," confided Zadara the Titan, a noted Lower Ward trader.  "I don't want the Lady to hip them again.  Nobody wants to have their materials piked here while they go bad.  I lost a nice shipment of Arborean Fireberries when the Darkstorm came."
        The Darkstorm, still strong in most Cagers' memories, was when the fiends tried to invade Sigil during the war, and the Lady decided that all the burg's doors needed closing until the Faction War burned itself out.  While most Cagers, upon reflection, thinks it was safer for everyone that way, some still don't twig to having their safty decided by another, even if that other is our fair Lady.
        "Why go through Sigil when other paths are more dependable?" asked Zadara.  "Sigil is still the City of Doors, but we need to stay lanned that doors can shut."
        "I don't know, I kinda like having more room, " said Imel Brustur, proprietor and owner of Imel's Happy Tongue in the Market Ward.  "Every year, I've run my Cheeses of the Planes promotion (currently going on, I might add), and this year it was much harder to find the good stocks.  However, since Sigil hasn't been shipping as much, the market prices have been lower for those with food stuffs, if you know where to scan.  As such, I have smaller competition and lower costs.  It equals a great bargin for my customers."
        Imel's case is one of the few sparking ones.  More businesses are having trouble finding supplies, thus making costs higher for Cagers.  Combine that with fewer businesses (only the strongest businesses stayed around when the Tempest of Doors re-opens the city's portals), and it equals bad news for those of us who call the Cage our home.
        The other paths that tend to be chosen by dealers include Yggdrasil (the World Ash), the Infinite Stairway, and the rivers Oceanus and Styx.  While not an cosmopolitan as our home Sigil, the often prove more dependable, and it seems many merchants value that over loyalty.  Hopefully something can be done to bring merchants back to our fair city.
Vortex of Madness Missing
by Alle'kor of Shra'kt'lor
       Limbo - The Limbo landmark commonly know as the "VVortex of Madness" to planewalkers and anarchists alike, has disappeared.
        This report is somewhat sketchy, as is anything in Limbo, but now for two weeks, no githzerei has reported seeing it again.  This also holds for passing planewalkers or any slaadi that didn't eat any of this beat reporter's assistants.  This was originally discovered when a rrakkma group was return from a raid and because they couldn't find the landmark, ended up hitting the blinds at the Slaadi Spawning Stone.
        The Vortex of Madness, as it was first called by Tlak'no a few centuries ago, was difficult to recognize from the outside, but far simpler inside.  Outside, it meerly looked like a solid fog bank, unchanging in the swirling chaos around it.  Inside however, it was marked by strange settings, including an oversized child's play room, and large prairie tower, and a talking room completely upolstered in red velvet.
        Anyone with any information regarding the Vortex is encouraged to come to Torus Times HQ in the Clerk's Ward.
       Alle'kor is the TT beat reporter for Limbo, being based in the giant githzerei burg of Shra'kt'lor.  He likes peace, structure, and slaad eyes on toast.

On Assignment
Currently no reports back from individuals on assignment.

Sharing a table with ... Cirily
by Drakus Lightquill
       This is the first in a series of nine sessions of our fine editor speaking with each of the nine councilors that make up the Sigil Advisory Council.  Next month, we'll bang around with Arwyl Swan's Son.

        Drakus Lightquill: Thank you for agreeing to this interview councilor Cirily.
        Cirily: Most wise of you to come to me first.  It is my pleasure.
        DL: Actually, I inquired to the entire Sigil Advisory Council, and you were kind enough to reply first.  If fact, you seemed quite eager to do this interview. May I ask why?
        C: Two reasons actually.  First, I want to stamp out that ugly libal that has been spread about me recently.  Second, I wanted to help pass my message of purity, as spoken by the Planarists.
        DL: Well go at those in order then, shall we?  By that ugly bit of libel, do I assume you refer to that interview you did with Quida before one of her Mimir was stolen during the War?
        C: You mean that travisty that is being passed around.  I never did an interview with the woman.  Everyone knows she's a sodding spiv who never speaks except to lie.
        DL: Of course.  That's why she has a hoard of Mimirs who fly around her at all times to record herself lying forn her own ammusement.  But lets move to your second point.  You plan to use the Torus Times to pass your "message of purity"?
        C: Yes, all of Sigil needs to know how to better itself.  That's why I first campaigned for a seat of the S.A.C.  Sigil needs cleaning up, and that's what I'm here to do.
        DL: Any by cleaning up Sigil, you mean?
        C: Getting rid of the sodding primes infesting the Cage.
        DL: So your "pseudo-faction" called the Planarists want to kick out all the beings born on the prime material plane.
        C: First off, we are not a faction.  We had nothing to do with the war, and calling us one is libel.
        DL: My apologies.  Then what should we call them.
        C: The future of Sigil.  We recognize the it was the primes that were responsable for the entire faction war.
        DL: Really?  How did your brain-box come to that conclusion?
        C: Well, it should be cobvious to even the most leather-headed rube, shouldn't it?  It was the primes who took the faction beliefs to a fanaticism that caused the war to burn the city.  It was the prime group called the Harmonium that seeded violence into our daily lives.  And, if rumor be trusted, it was the prime factol "Duke" Rowan Darkwood that started the war in the first place.
        DL: So you trust rumor, even though it is rumor that mars you so badly due to Quida?
        C: Well, it should be clear which chant is true and which isn't to the well-lanned cutter.  Any basher should be able to keep it clear, right?
        DL: Indead.  Maybe it would be wise to more away from questions of rumor, and instead more to more clear fact, okay?
        C: You are right.  No need to linger on rumors.  Rumors can get a body lost, right?
        DL: So you would agree we should talk about your short time thus far on the council.  It is clear how strongly you believe in your beliefs from your speechs to the rest of the council.  Is it true that even in private meetings you show your firre heritage and turn into a pillar of flame?
        C: Well, that is part of celestial nature.  We emblamize the passions in all of us.  That's why many of us are vieled, going to the prime material plane to encourage the arts.
        DL: And you decided against doing that because...
        C: I did at first, but once i saw my folly, I came back home to the outer planes, where I belong.  I mean, the primes have their own plane.  Why must they take our fine city of Sigil too?
        DL: Is this why you oppose, usually in flaming form, any suggestions made by councilors Arwyl Swan's Son, Tarpish Fineberry, and Mara Heartsinger?
        C: No, I oppose their leatherheaded schemes because they are poor.  Swan's son only Archon screed, Tarpish is just a weak-willed mouthpeice for that criminal Schmechka the Marauder, and don't even start me on "Councilor Heartsinger".  She uses her bard abilities just to mire the council in details of freedom such that no law would exist in this city.  They should all be dismissed from the council, especially Heartsinger, as she didn't herself run to be nominated.  Her little attack dog Harmony did everything while her mistress was lost.  She didn't deserve to be elected!
        DL: You passion is clearly coming out.  Should I get my fire protection now?
        C: You will leave now.

Bazaar Bargains: The Powers That Were
by Kez'bat

        It was not the booth itself that caught my attention, so much as it was the raucus laughter of the crowd gathered around it.
        The crowd was engrossed in a humorous puppet sketch definitely not aimed at children, as was obvious from the lewd acts being committed by the two wemics on the stage.  The wemics were interrupted by a figure covered in blue tattoos turning cartwheels, who was followed by a half-elf carrying pen and parchment and making grand, flowing gestures as though reciting poetry.  A small explosion rocked the stage, and the four puppets fell down, presumably dead, only to be danced upon by a puppet of a female human in black leathers.  The human slipped, and was impaled on the half-elf's pen.  Their bodies were dragged off one by one by a figure whose bare skull and bony hands did not appear attached to his body.
        Intrigued by this little pantomime, I decided to poke around in the shop behind the puppet stage.  The proprieter of "The Powers That Be" is a busy little gnome named Trebor Feinlein.  His exquisitely crafted puppets are, he claims, "a way for the rest of us to pull the factions' strings for a change."  While the dolls are expensive, those with the jink to spend may find it worthwhile to invest in a Darkwood or Pentar puppet.  For those of us with less in our purses, the puppet plays are offered for free-will donations.
        Feinlein stocks puppet versions of leaders of thirteen of the old factions.  Rhys of the Ciphers is omitted, due to his current postition on the council of nine.  Factol Terrence of the Athar, says Feinlein, is currently "out of stock," which is an interesting way of saying he has never made one and has no intention of making one.  One wonders if this Bytopian native may have had some other powers in mind for his puppet-making when he arrived in Sigil just prior to the faction war.
       Kez'bat is a blessed communicator from Limbo.  She will feature a different shop each month.


The Festival of Cheese opens are Imel's Happy Tongue!
        Imel's Happy Tongue is happy to announce that the annual Cheeses of the Planes festival.  Come and experience wonderful chees from everywhere, including Krigalan Black, Baator smoked Warrior's Cheese, Bytopian Red, Tiefling's Delight, and Torillian Death Cheese to name just a few.  Also, experience them in the greatest meals.  Featured this month are Flaming fetta cassirole and Mephit Melt!  Be our guest!

Sigil City Council Meeting
        The Sigil City Council meets once per month in an open session for you to air your concerns and to ratify laws on the ninth of each month.  Come and speak fairly.  But be warned, you have only two minutes before you are muted.


Help Wanted
        Torus Times is looking for a few good writers!  If you have always wanted to be a writer, here is your chance.  We're looking for reporters to go on assignment, find bargains here in Sigil, head our travel section, and other assorted jobs.  Inquiries should go to the T.T. offices next to Ylem's Replication on the border of the Lower Ward and the Hive.  A writing sample should be included.

Others Bothering You?
        You think you want to sell stuff without getting shaken down for garnish?  Need some sparkle protected?  Looking to keep your monopoly?  We have ways of helping you!  Come down to our office in the Lower Ward, and we'll see what can be done for what you are willing to pay.  - The Minder's Guild

Help Wanted
        The Planar Trade Consortium is looking for worth cutters to protect shipments of food and drink from exotic locations.  Promotions possible, as loyalty to swiftly rewarded.  Please visit the Planar Trade Consortium's office in the Lady's Ward for more information.  Only serious applicants need apply.

          BERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                        - Armstrong

Electrum needed!
        Willing to trade at above Bazaar value.  Needed for magical experiments.  Serious inquiries taken 394 Justice Way in the Lady's Ward

This line could be yours!
        Anyone interested in announcing or advertising in the Torus Times can do so for a meer gold piece for 50 words or less, plus an extra 3 coppers per word more than 50.  Contact the T.T. office by the 12th of each month to get into the next issue!

Anyone interested in the details of Cirily's first interview should look in her entry of Uncaged: Faces of Sigil.

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