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            Netrunner has had to live through a lot.  Even though it is a card game based upon the great role-playing game Cyberpunk (by R. Talsorian Games) and is still the only game EVER to earn a perfect grade from Inquest Magazine for game mechanics, it, and all other "Classic" card games put out by Wizards of the Coast will no longer recieve support.  However, Netrunner is all about not letting the Corp win and stamp out all of the runners out there who love the game, like me.  Join the resistance, and defeat the money loving Corp - Information wants to be free!

            Therefore, you'll find lots of useful information to keep playing this wonderful game, and links to other runners trying to do the same.  I hope you find useful stuff here, and you can be frackin' sure that more will be posted.  Please let me know what other information may be useful, and I'll set about liberating it.  Smooth runnings!

The Trading Node
Let's see what we can do for each other...

Stax I like
The decks I play with, with strategy

Networking Connections
Card combos for the most discriminating player

Optional Add-ons
Optional rules to keep you on the Edge

Other Useful Nodes
Links to the best in the underground

Trader's Whispers
Others I know who can keep a bargin

            I will continue to hack and see what I can find to embarrass the Corp into making our favorite game again!  And I'll keep leaving to run again another day.  Just make sure you do too!

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