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        You may be wondering what one can expect to find here.  If you are, you can not read the above line.  That's right, these are all sites remmended to me or pages I randomly find while web surfing and I want to share.  More site reviews will go up as I progress forward, and if you know any sites not on this page, please send them in to be shared with all.  I guarentee they will be put on this page within 48 hours of you sending me the link.  I hope you enjoy!

Reviewed and Recommended Sites (listed by grade):
Dice Tales -
        Thus far, this is the best comedy RPG page I've ever seen.  It focuses around stories from gaming tables, but it also has top 10 lists, good e-mail forwards, and a good links page.  Absolutely wonderful; I accidently spent a little over an hour and a half just reading stories, and there is still lots more to read.  Plus, the stories are seperated by game, so it you don't care for Babylon Project, you don't have to read the stories.  However. I will say I had fun reading stories from games I haven't played, because they have enough backgroung.  Full A+ rating!

Nodwick On-line -
        This is one of the best official sites around.  It is the official site of Aaron Williams, and his best known character, the henchman Nodwick.  It has a large supply of the comics he's included in Dragon and Dungeon magazines, some of his Canada Fox comic, many of his random little funnies he's drawn for Dragon, has a scrap book of pictures from GenCon '99, and now is adding episodes from his long running story "Floyd!" from Dragon.  Definitely worth the hour plus it takes to read it all, and his little notes across the bottom of almost all of them.  If he just keeps it up (which it looks like he's doing), and adds Floyd!'s faster, then I'll give the site an A, as other than that, I can think of no improvements!

Evil Overlords Inc. -
        This page goes off of the classic e-mail forward of what a person would do if he/she were an evil overlord.  This is mostly things very different from the movies, correcting all the common mistakes that all villians do, like reason number 4 (Shooting is not too good for my enemies.), and for those of you who have seen the errors a thousand times, or fans of old James Bond movies, you will laugh hard.  The list keeps getting added to, with now 231 rules, with a way to add more yourself.  Definately a good waste of a while, plus adding you own makes it up to an A-.

The Gamer's Purity Test -
        This page is a purity test, like are found all over the web, except, it looks at your purity as a gamer.  There are definately some questions based on longivity, but it tabulates for you and gives you a rating.  Great activity for the bored.  However, that is all it is and after the initial diversion, it's time to look for something else to do.  For those curious, while I consider myself a pretty heavy gamer, I scored a 50% purity rating.  Definately worth a look.  A-

Canonical List of Famous Last Words -
        This pae is another based upon an old e-mail forward, however, VERY expanded.  When I last looked, there were 1259 entries of the last words of characters in various games and settings.  I think it might be better if they broke it down by game for some of them (the sci-fi ones right next to fantasy can be minorly annoying.  Overall though, a pretty fun read.  Worth at least a look, and it they add a form to add more, the site could be better.  B+

Muskrat Central -
        This is John Kovalic's Home page.  It features his works from Dork Tower, Wild Life, Beached, his editorial cartoons, etc.  Some area have little (mostly his big seller stuff, like Dork Tower), but the smaller sections have good back sections, and are good reads.  It is covered will all sorts of sales pitches, but otherwise not bad.  Just not great.  A decent B.

Quotables or Players (and DM's) say the Darnedest Things -
        This page has many quotes from various games, like my quote page.  The quotes are seperated by game, the heaviest concentration being some rather amusing Vampire: The Masquarade quotes.  Definately worth a read through, though not every game is shown fairly.  solid B effort.

Studio Foglio -
        Not the most wonderful site out there, mostly focused on selling, but it does have a few interesting things, including a game given out last GenCon, sketches not found in anything Phil or Kaja (the Foglio's of "What's New with Phil and Dixie") publishes, and shows their work fairly well.  One can buy original prints or any of the publishables they offer, but otherwise, not a bog attraction.  The site earns a C.

Reviewed and NOT Recommended Sites:
The Official Kenzer Homepage -
        I hate to do this to any Kenzer product, but this is a pretty lame page.  It has links to the old Traveller's page (nothing added really since the Kenzer take over), and to their pretty Avalon page.  However, all you can read or get from the site is the editorials from the most recent Bundle of Troubles and issue (both of with true fans already have), and a short three page piece called the "Jackson Files" that isn't that good of a piece.  Considering what it represents, I am most disappointed.  A grade of D, until they get their act together.

Unreviewed, but interesting on first glance sites: - Roleplaying Laughs – AD&D Book of Sex – “fun” section – Top 20 lists – Rampaging rogues – Paul’s roleplaying humor page – The Mad Lab - Lists - @fantasy - Index - RPG Movie? - I haven't been able to access this page in two months, but while it was there, it was good.

Other sites recommended to me:
        None yet!

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