GenCon '99 - Photo Essay
(Don't worry, the actual con report will be up soon!)


OK, these are the guys I played in the first round of the Wold Championship (which I quit afterwords because I had a game at 5pm, and it took over 4 hours just to finish the opening round!).  Pictured is Greg Kilberger (the Points Guy with a funky Spellfire hat made of cards!) and Kevin Sandersfeld.

These are the gentleman I played in the opening round of the Sealed Deck tournament.  On the left is Charles Cantrell, and on the right is Mike "Lamma of Death" Rittle.  OK, he didn't call himself that, but I still think it sounds funny...

Here are some of the opponents from a pick-up game or two, who faced the wrath of the immortal Popporatzi deck (fighting quite well, I should note).  Left to right is Ken McKinney and Zachary "Welcome to my Underground Lair" Henkel.  Yes, he playes as animatedly he smiles :)

Speaking of fun games, here is another, playing using the One Deck (slightly modified since JenCon 9-'99).  Playing with me (left to right) are Johan Bayer, Phil "DemonDog" Cornett, and Faith.  Searching his cards behind Faith (or is that her bag...) appears to be Kevin Curtis.

Speaking of that game, here we can see an event that occured during it.  I believe it had something to do with Phil giving Faith money for something.  I believe here is where they are arguing over the price.  Maybe I should of held this for blackmail... *Ouch*

And here are some other Jokers from around the con.  The name of the gentleman on the left escapes me, but the guy with the tounge is Bryan "Tokkon" Grube, and the guy on the right trying to swipe a few more cards is Shane "Bluntaxe" Reeves.

Here, we see some of the people who frequently visited the SF area.  The big headed man is James McCoy (World Champ '98), the bleached and tattooed man is our own beloved Jim "The Unclean" Butler, and the gentleman hiding behind him and ignoring the photographer is Johan Beyer, the Man from Columbia.

More faces that many Spellfirers should know.  To the left is Mike Lipe (husband), central is Robin Lipe (wife), and the man with the folded hands is the one and only Tony "Wytefang" DuLac.  They all look so calm here, don't they...

The Moo World Order was also in attendance.  Here we see Brenda "Faith" Reeves working on here moves on one Bill "War Party" Blanton.  Phil Cornett watches with glee in the background...

In a more festive moment, we see War Party throwing his hands up (maybe at what Dave said).  Next to him is that Dave, being Dave "Wierd Pete" Davis.  This, like much of the weekend, was during the wait for another game to start.

Oh course, Brenda (Faith) found more ways to get in trouble.  This is her sitting on Mike Huebbe's (The Ogre) lap.  Boy, talk about Blackmail material.  However, they didn't pay, which is why it is up on this site.  War Party Bill and Bryan (Tokkon) can't even bear to look at where their hands (mercifully out of the picture) were.  *Ouch Again!*

Here, we see the true muscle behind Spellfire for many years.  Seated at the table (far end to close), you have Mike "Tired, Late Judge" Heubbe again, Jim "The Bleached and the Beautiful" Bulter, Dori "The Barbarian" Hein/Olmsedahl, and Bill "Golem Boy" Olmsedahl at the Spellfire Seminar.  Behind them supporting peace is Anthony T., the man who won the Master's Tournament.  Lotta power between them all...

Of course, the Con also let us see who deserved to be the world champion, and this was the finals of the World Championship.  Seated around left to right, we have Bob Carmichael, Tony "Chaoslord" Novello, Mike "Gib Ekim" Postulat, and Bo Novello.  Tony became the first 2 time Spellfire World Champion.


Hard runs are what keep runners together.  The one thing me, Jeff, and Bryan (shown left to right as we prepare to severly beat Jeff) can fully agree on is Netrunner.  Here we are, wearing our nifty shirts we got for playing, ready to get into the second half of the National Championship.  Some corp was going to pay!!!

We weren't the only nuts out there.  Here you see some others.  On the left is Jason Erdmann (I faced him both in Sealed and Constructer format; He was the only one I faced both ways), and the red shirt next to him belongs to Rob Konitzer, NR enthusiest who has a fun Rent to Own deck.  Standing behind him with his head cut off is Scott Dickie,  He did a great job judging for us.  Here, we're playing Saturday in the Sealed portion of the National Championships.

This is a scene from a pick-up game I was watching.  The gentleman sitting on the right (Drew Hope) was having lots of fun with a Playful AI.  He'd get up to 10 dice rolling, and used the rest as bits.  He gained 10 bits on that single AI!  That was amazing, as was watching him roll for approximately 5 solid minutes...

Here, we see some of the Thrilled Combatants from Sunday's Constructed portion of the National Championship.  Here, the runner (on the right, I need a name) is thrilled to break into Bryan's big subsidary data fort, which had Securtity Net Optimization, a Code Corpse (Transmuted, no less!), Liche, Wall, and Zombie Protecting it.  I'd be thrilled too!

Completely pumped and drained by adrenaline (or maybe Ludicrine!), Jason Erdmann falls back after winning as a runner with no bits left and no cards in his hand.  Rob Konitzer, never one to pass up a good oppertunity, kicks the man while he's down.  I took advantage with this picture too.  Jason and I played often, and every match, particularly the final match WAS a killer...

Here is the final picture, that of Rick Cripe getting the award for winning the Nation Championship.  Signed Art by Doug Schuler, and the card it is on was the prize.  Second Place was Jason (see above), and Third was myself.  All three of us got automatic berths into World Domination.  Yeah!


This is from the first round of Project PSC-1A3, the Planescape (AD&D) game I played.  Pictured is the one guy who got into the second round with me (who I can't remember the name of for the life of me!).  He played a female half elf ranger, while I played a female Hill Dwarf Fighter/Psionicist.  Great game.  Thanks Game Base 7!

This was the group that played in the second round of Project PSC - 1A3, the Planescape game I played.  I don't have most of their names, but you can see Mike Stone, the GM, on the right.  He did a good job.

Other Stuff:

There were some amazing things at the Con.  Here, for instance, what started as just a fun thing to do to waste time became a big project.  What you see is Cardland, a city of cards donated from many CCGs.  It took over 19 tables and the space between them, took three days to build, and then demolished for charity.  All had fun, and it goes to prove that even gamers can lend a helping hand...

This is just a fun pick-up game Jeff picked up at the con.  It is called Beer, and it's a silly fun game.  Not bad, but far from Great too.  This picture has Jeff Sheehan on the left, and Bryan Grube on the right.  I believe I got the most drunk in this game...

For those of you who wondered, this is another horrible picture of me (even though you saw me in the NR section).  Thanks for coming and looking at my work.  Feel free to drop me a line if you know a name I'm missing, or to tell me how much you hate my work :)  Thanks for visiting!

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