The Best Forwards

       I get a lot of forwards for various friends.  Occasionally, I get a good gaming related one.  That's what this page is for.  It doesn't have to be solely gaming, but it needs to be gaming related.  One, the Evil Overlord List and the Famous Last Words List, even earned their own webpage, as have a few others.  You can find those links on my Gaming Humor Web Sites page covers those.  These are those that I recieve.  Feel free to write me when you read them if you have more ideas for them.  The list is short, but if you have one I don't, please send it to me.  Thanks!

#1 - If I Were a Vampire  [from Crrow Williams]
#2 - More Vampire Survival Tactics p; [from Crow Williams]
#3 - Martha Stewart's Necromancy  [from Crow Williams]
#4 - Survival Tactics for a Mortal in a Vammpire Universe
        [from Crow Williams]
    Wow, short list huh?  Well, send me more!  Enjoy!

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