Babylon Central Station

        The Babylon 5 CCG was one of the few games I play that was not being canceled, but then WB pulled the plug.  Now that Precidence has closed its doors and offering the game mechanics for sale, I doubt it will ever be produced again.  Based off of the wonderful TV show, this game brings diplomacy of both the characters and the players into play, and with multiplayer games, victory is very rarely guarenteed.  Speed isn't the issue, for anyone can lose when it is three (or more) players against one leader.  Being a fan of the show, this game came naturally, and it's wonderful game play kept me playing, and why this site is up.  I hope to add more, but please take this humble offering, and join with me in adding wonder to the site [In other words, I'm looking for submissions!].  I'm looking for links also, so please send me any and all you know.  Thank you.

Essential Stations
The Best B5 Links for the avid player to keep the game alive

My Babylon 5 Trading Outpost
My Want and Have Lists in trying to complete the set

Factions of Fame
Decks of all races and creeds

To Live and Die by Starlight
A deck rating system, and current rankings of local decks
The previous season can be found as Rating the Galaxy

Cosmic Combos
Combinations of factors to help build power!

Free Traders
A list of trusted traders and websites with contact information

The Promo Page
A list of promo cards with powers, as well as my promo trading desires

I hope you find the resources useful.  Submissions thankfully accepted.

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