B5 CCG - Essential Stations

        With the B5 CCG in the hands of Epsilon Hex, fans still dedicated to the game need to know where to look to find supplies and tools to help bring new players into the game and be able to expand their knowledge base.  Therefore, the Rangers have been looking and have found these internet stations to help the needy.  Please click on the name or address of a site to take a jumpgate there immediately.

Official Epsilon Hex Website - http://www.epsilonhex.com
        In case you were unaware, Precidence closed its doors, and sold the intellectual rights to the Babylon 5 CCG to Epsilon Hex, a group comprised of Rangers and other game experts.  Right now, they are trying to get the rights from Warner Brothers to make new cards.  We can only pray they are successful.  However, they have gotten a league together now, and having official tournaments and rankings.  Also, you can get every current ruling from them in a simple download.  Please join them as they work to make our game a live game again!

Vorlon Space - http://b5ccg.mahasamatman.com
        Vorlon Space is the ultimate fan site.  You can see scans of EVERY card ever printed, even the printed but never released Masterpiece Collection.  Promos are no longer a mystery.  They have tournament listings (though it is a bit outdated), and full rarity and set lists for anything you want.  If you want to look at a card, this is the best place to go.

B5 Official Trading Site - http://trade.mahasamatman.com/B5
        Rebuilt by the creator of Vorlon Space, this site has the complete want and have lists for TONS of players around the world.  Joining and listing is free, and he only asks for a donation for those who want to use the advanced search functions.  While I don't have a list there, they hold a large list of recommendations there for me.  Please go and check it out (after you see that I don't have what you want on my trading page).

Dylan's Babylon 5 CCG Area - http://web.dar.net/~northrup/b5ccg
        This webpage is very interesting.  It has a searchable index where you can look for nearly any card feature, including providing or requiring marks, levels of any ability, race, or other features (like Ka'ri characters).  It is a remarkable resource and great for building decks on almost any theme.  Definitely a priority page for a dedicated player.

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 -

        This isn't really a key page for B5 players, but fans of the show find it precious.  It gives a synopsis of not just every episode, but also the movies and spinoffs, like Crusade or Legend of the Rangers.  It's got almost everything you could hope to ever find, plus is a great nexus for current things related to the show (like DVD releases).  Definitely worth the read.

Down Below Sound Archive for Babylon 5 - http://b5.sdvc.uwyo.edu/bab5
        This also isn't directly for the game, but if you love the show and have a computer (which is most people reading this sentance), then you will love this page.  It's got literally thousands of quotes taken from all the episodes and even outtakes.  Definitely worth the time to download them, as each sound bite is clearly labeled and explained for every episode of every season and other sources.  They especially works well for when the computer FUBARs things up!

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