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February 2005 - It has been nuts, but I actually am getting to my updates now. Keep track of the update page and my pro site, which is still getting the lion's share of the work (hey, employment trumps fun, unfortunately). However, I am not forgetting my commitments here and will get more posted. Just you see. Thank you for all your support.  Sincerely,  Yogi.

Update Central
Shows every change in every single page of Yogi's websites!

Planescape Central
Stories from Yogi's Campaigns, Game Quotes, Prestige Classes, Tools, Links, DM hints, and the immortal Planescape Notes.

Yogi Central
Details about the Yogi personally, and the other websites of the Ugorek's.

Humor Central
Reviews of print gaming humor, gaming humor links (with reviews), web comics, forwards, funny games, and maybe some original work.

Spellfire Central
My Trading Cards, the Friends of Spellfire, Decks, the old contests, a set dedicated to Earth, optional rules, and an evolutionary history of the game.

Babylon Central
The Trading Outpost, other traders in the sector, promo card powers, combo page, a rating system of various decks, and many deck lists

Netrunner Central
The Trading Node, Stax for both sides, other safe traders, essential nodes, networking combinations, and additional options from above

Yogiland Central
Other website specifics, with not true central page, and multi-color things, such as convention reports.
We have the following currently:CODCON IV ('99) Reportand GenCon '99 Report, etc.

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This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit here.
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Thank you!

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