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Soon after the puppies were born

On Sunday February 28 Jaffa, Ch Yarrowfell Romancer CD AD ET, went into labour and delivered 11 puppies, 7 of which were born stillborn with only one being able to be revived. The father was George, Ch Yarrowfell Intaglio CDX TDX ET, who we thought was too old to sire puppies but he proved us wrong...

The first attempt at solid food

At this stage the best veterinary explanation we have is that a virus infected Jaffa while she was carrying the puppies. We can never be certain though because the autopsies were inconclusive. As you might imagine it was a very stressful time which we hope will never happen again.

Jaffa (the Mother) on the left, George (the Father) in the two photos on the right

The times and weights of those puppies that survived are:

Number Time Weight Sex Name Registration Name
1. 1015 5.5oz Female Teeny Tiny Zenana
2. 1130 9.5oz Female Minnie Mouse Zorette
3. 1205 9.5oz Female Velvet Zeitgeist
8. 1635 8.75oz Male Dennis Zingaro
9. 1705 8.5oz Female Sparkle Zephuross

To save a few emails from people who are interested, all of the puppies already have homes. We maintain a waiting list of prospective owners of puppies (some people have been on it for two years), and all new owners are extensively "vetted" before we let them have one of the pups. This involves, at the very least, visiting our farm prior to the birth to see the fully grown dogs, discussions on what to expect from a Dalmatian and how to train them, and a commitment to undertake basic obedience while the puppy is growing up. As someone once said who went through this process "It's like trying to adopt a child getting a puppy out of you!".

For those who are interested, attached is a pedigree for each of the puppies in the litter which is a repeat of the mating that produced Nemo (Ch Yarrowfell Ultra Dog ET) and Pandy (Ch Yarrowfell Ultima Ratio).

Ch Yarrowfell Intaglio CDX TDX ET
Ch Llanberis Mac Duff Liver
Ch Timwhiskies General Bo
Newtonheath Carillon
Ch Yarrowfell Delovely
Ch Dumbledeer Norwester
Ch Vickma Anthea
Ch Yarrowfell Romancer CD AD ET
Gentry Southern Flyer
Dumbledeer Ozkahn
Tanjanova Bambi
Ch Yarrowfell Delovely
Ch Dumbledeer Norwester
Ch Vickma Anthea

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