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Jaffa's Puppies

On Sunday December 14 Jaffa, Ch Yarrowfell Romancer CD AD ET, went into labour and delivered 12 puppies, 11 of which survived the birth. Jaffa took it very well, this is her second litter, and all of the puppies have now regained their birthweight. The father Duke, Yarrowfell Sorcerer ET, was not present at the birth although Steve and Joanne (his owners) did rush over to have a look.

14 December 1997
The day the puppies were born

Where are they now?

In 2003 Cosmo (formerly "Raider")was tragically killed in a road accident in London. These are some pictures of him as he will be remembered.

The times and weights are:

Number Time Weight Sex Name 17 December 1997

Weigh-in for the puppies

Mink, the smallest, being bottle fed
1. 0430 8.25oz Female Violet
2. 0745 6.25oz Female Pink
3. 0750 7.25oz Male Pale Blue
4. 0835 8.5oz Male Teal
5. 0850 9oz Male All Black
6. 0925 7.25oz Male Red
7. 1015 6.25oz Female Mink
8. 1110 8.5oz Female Orange
9. 1205 9.25oz Male Raider
10. 1230 Stillborn Male
11. 1315 9.5oz Female Cornflower
12. 1335 8.25oz Female Patch

1 January 1998

The puppies with Lilac,
their grandmother

The names come from a piece of coloured wool we tie around the neck of each puppy at birth. This allows us to keep track of the growth and development of each pup until they get their spots (Dalmatians are born covered in white hair only). This method of naming puppies has led to some interesting adult names - the mother of this litter is called Jaffa because she had orange wool around her neck from birth, while the grandmother is still called Lilac to this day.

11 January 1998

All-Black with
his tiki

All of the other dogs have been introduced to the new arrivals, although Nemo is not quite sure what to make of them as he was only six months old the last time we had puppies and he probably doesn't remember it. Following the convention from previous litters, all the puppies will have show names that start with the letter "W". We've already though of some names (I like "Wonder Dog" myself), but the final selection wont be made until the registrations are sent to the RNSWCC in about two months time.

18 January 1998

To save a few emails from people who are interested, we are confident that all of the puppies already have homes. We maintain a waiting list of prospective owners of puppies (some people have been on it for eighteen months), and all new owners are extensively "vetted" before we let them have one of the pups. This involves, at the very least, visiting our farm prior to the birth to see the fully grown dogs, discussions on what to expect from a Dalmatian and how to train them, and a commitment to undertake basic obedience while the puppy is growing up. Indeed, some people are so keen they will often visit us a number of times before, during and after the birth!

For those who are interested, I have also prepared a pedigree for each of the puppies in the litter:

Yarrowfell Sorcerer ET
Yarrowfell Megadog
Trailblazer Buckshot
Ch Vickma Anthea
Ch Yarrowfell Delovely
Ch Dumbledeer Norwester
Ch Vickma Anthea
Ch Yarrowfell Romancer CD AD ET
Gentry Southern Flyer
Dumbledeer Ozkahn
Tanjanova Bambi
Ch Yarrowfell Delovely
Ch Dumbledeer Norwester
Ch Vickma Anthea

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