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Maggies's Puppies

The day after the puppies were born

On Thursday 19 July Maggie, Yarrowfell Youre On Next ET, went into labour and delivered 8 puppies, one of which was stillborn. The sire of the litter was Nemo, Ch Yarrowfell Ultra Dog CD ET. Like her Mother, Maggie suffered from Uterine Inertia, however 4 Oxytocin injections and one of calcium were required to ensure a normal delivery.

Maggie with the puppies.

30 August 2001

Where are they now?

Royal, Yarrowfell Blue Leader, owned by Tony Vardouniotis of Sydney

The times and weights of the puppies are:

BAER test result
Number Time Weight at birth Sex Name Comments Left Right Official Name
1. 1300 13 oz Male Royal   Normal Normal Blue Leader
2. 1525 11 oz Female Scarlet   Normal Normal Beauty Spot
3. 1540 9 oz Male Raider   Normal Normal Black Knight
4. 1735 11 oz Female Candy Floss   Deaf Normal Bold Gold
5. 1740 12.25 oz Male Captain Morgan Patch Right Ear Normal Normal Black Prince
6. 1915 11.5 oz Male Nelson Patch Left Ear Normal Normal Black Bishop
7. 2035 Male Stillborn
8. 2045 10.5 oz Female Gemima Patch Left Ear Normal Normal Black Beauty

Candy having a nap.

9 September 2001
Gemima Scarlet
Raider Royal

We have a policy of testing all our breeding stock and every puppy from every litter for deafness using the BAER hearing test. Click here for a page with detailed information on BAER testing and why we do it. The puppies are tested after they have been microchipped for identification. This ensures that the results of the test can be unequivocally linked to the relevant puppy. An example of the certificate issued to each puppy is shown on the left - copies of the actual certificates are available on request. We publish the results of all our testing hoping to encourage other breeders to do likewise. If you are buying a puppy from a breeder and they are not BAER testing the puppies, ask why not? The test is now inexpensive and available in three states in Australia, and does not harm the puppy if conducted correctly. Some breeders will argue that their puppies have been home tested - remember this is unreliable and will not diagnose puppies that are unilaterally deaf.

9 September 2001

The names come from a piece of coloured wool we tie around the neck of each puppy at birth. This allows us to keep track of the growth and development of each pup until they get their spots (Dalmatians are born covered in white hair only). This method of naming puppies has led to some interesting adult names - the grandmother of this litter is called Gold because she had yellow wool around her neck from birth, while the great-grandmother was called Lilac.

Royal Raider Nelson Morgan Gemima Candy Scarlet

We maintain a waiting list of prospective owners of puppies (some people have been on it for two years), and all new owners are extensively "vetted" before we let them have one of the pups. This involves, at the very least, visiting our farm prior to the birth to see the fully grown dogs, discussions on what to expect from a Dalmatian and how to train them, and a commitment to undertake basic obedience while the puppy is growing up. As someone once said who went through this process "It's like trying to adopt a child getting a puppy out of you!".

Photos from 2 weeks of age.
Candy Morgan
Nelson Scarlet
Raider Royal

This is a pedigree for each of the puppies in the litter:

Ch Yarrowfell Ultra Dog CD ET
Ch Yarrowfell Intaglio CDX TDX ET
Ch Llanberis Mac Duff   Liver
Ch Yarrowfell Delovely
Ch Yarrowfell Romancer CD AD ET
Gentry Southern Flyer
Ch Yarrowfell Delovely
Yarrowfell Youre On Next ET
Trailblazer Mr Chips
Ch Bravissimo of Washakie [R02] (Imp UK)
R2118201 UK
Yarrowfell Nemesis
Ch Yarrowfell Supermodel ET
Yarrowfell Megadog
Ch Yarrowfell Delovely

The day after the puppies were born.


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