Want to rent this page? Want to spend the night in the guestroom? Well, it costs no money at all. In fact, the requirements are minimal really. First, you need a website. On it, you must have a link to my site (that's the cost, cheap, huh). Actually, if all you have is a journal or some other online device, you may put a link to me on that. It is perfectly acceptable. I just want free publicity (not actually free since I have to make you a page, but oh well). Then, you will need to write to me (rules). In the e-mail, I must know your alias/name you want used. Any gifs or jpegs you want me to use (describe them and I'll check to see if I have them). Your words you want on it. Any fics on it? That's about it. If you want something else on your room (besides a link to your site which will be provided) let me know. I will make a new room each month and keep old rooms up for a few months for later views.
Don't forget to include these in your e-mail:
    Your name/Alias
    Any gifs or jpegs you want
    What you want written in your room
    Any fics or fanart you want on it
    Your URL and banner (banner optional)
    Anything else I left out you want on
    A link to my site on yours (not in e-mail actually)
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