Olivia's Bookshelf
Excuse me? I only get a bookshelf? Father has an office, Mother gets the whole kitchen, Adara gets the entire music room, and the Maganacs get all of the Hangar, but I just get a bookshelf??

Quatre: I just get Sandrock

Still much bigger than my bookshelf.

Jessenia: So? I get the phone.
Iria: I only have the photo album.
Vega: Those are much better than mine. I got a lousy map!

Hm, there is that guestroom free. Maybe I'll rent it for awhile. Okay, well, this is where my collection of random things resides. There are many things on the shelf, and I hope to get some book reviews up. Send them to
me if you would like to (rules). Also, I have decided to have fan reviews, such as of fics, art, etc. If I get enough submissions, I get a whole library! So send, please!
I have many useless blobs. Check them out! People say things all, mostly funny, the time. Read what some say
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