Sis's Fantasy Chat


OK. I have suggested it long enough.
I have been trying to get my friends to do this page,
but no one wanted to so, I did it. Now here is how
this works...... As if you don't know, LOL.

Do you have all the AVs you can use? Just want to hang
around and chat with your friends, listen to music,
maybe play a game?
Below is a chart. Pick the background you like without leaving
your friends behind (hence one of the reasons I have left
this site as frames.). I am always trying to update and keep
this site up to par. I can't do it if you don't tell me what
you like. Please visit the CONTACT page and send me a note
(good or bad) and let me know what you think. Also check out
the MUSIC and Java Script GAMES, Also give the VOICE chat a
try. Sit back and I hope you will enjoy my site.


Here is the favor I ask of you. Please take just a moment
of your time to VOTE for my site. Click one time on the
background of your choice and it will become your background.
To change to a different background either click the
"Chat Backgrounds" button in the left hand frame, or use your
browsers back button and choose a new background.

If you found yourself
here from some other
site. Please check out my entire site here.

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