Sis's Home Made Avatars

This is a few AVs I and a friend of mine made. He is shy and does not want his name mentioned. Nonetheless he is responsible for over half of the Megas on this site. I will be adding more soon, so
bookmark this page and visit often, but don't forget to reload.
If you have certain AVs you are looking for, but just can't find,
email me or leave a message in my Guestbook. I'll see if I can't make
it or find it. Either way, don't forget to drop me a line at

I don't know what your looking for if you don't tell me!
To save an Avatar just right click on it and save to your VP gallery.
Reload this page often for I am forever working on it.
I would like to thank Merlyn, and LadyFingers, for their
contributions of some of the material to make the AVs. We all hope you enjoy them.

Please know before going any futher that for the next week this site will be being fine tuned. If you see something that needs attention, a link that is not working(Note:Not all links may be working with in this site for this week)a pic that won't load or what ever it may be, Contact Me and I will fix them as quickly as I can.
Thank you for your patience.


As far as I know all of these images are in public domain on the web, publishing programs, magazines, books and CD covers. They are not to be used in conjunction with sales of any kind. As far as I know these images are OK to use for personal free dispertion. If anyone may know of a problem with any of these graphics on this site please Contact Me and I will do whatever is nessasary to rectify the situation.

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