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The oringinal Sis's Fantasy Land
was created around 12/97
This page was last modified
on, 5/10/03

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Hello again. I know it has been quite a long time since the last update here.
As a matter of a fact, I just redownloaded VP. May I just say.....WOW!! VP has changed
sooooo much!!! Had to learn all over again. The one I am in is now not able to run the tours.
That took some of the fun out. lol
Anyway. I am gonna start working in my spare time to add some new Mega AVs again.
Got lots of new pics so I am rather backed up in my scanning. lol

I have gone through my site and noticed alot of sytec errors as well as broken
links and such. Must have really been slacking on the last update. lol
First thing I am gonna work on is fixing all of my site boo-boos HEHEHE
If during your visit, you find something wrong, please help me out by letting me know. :))
Thank you. Hope you enjoy your visit. :)

Please! If you enjoy my site, Vote for it here. It is quick and
simple. Just click on the logo below, and another window will open.
It is split into frames. On the left side is the menu. Under avatars,
in the menu, click on LINKS. Look on the right side. When
the page loads, Look for Sis's Fantasy Land and click on the
little circle. Then scroll down to the bottom, and hit vote.
That's it! Nothing to it. Please show your support. Vote for
my site today. You could even vote on it daily.
Thank you.
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Please visit Charlie's Place He is the one who got this jukebox to work for me. I hope you really enjoy this site. I hope it becomes your little corner on the web, your cyber space oasis, your home away from home, your..... OK you get the picture. LOL Tell me what you think and don't forget to Vote for my site, as much as possible. At least once a month. Once a week would really show that you care for me. Once a day would really show how much you love me!!!! OK! OK I'll stop pushing. (PLEASE?)

OK Well enjoy your stay in my land!!!!

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