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Hi, I'm Paul, and below are all the music tracks I've made currently - all originals. It would be great if you could listen to some of them. I'm really interested to hear what you think, so if you have time and would like to, sign the guestbook! Thanks!

First Attempts - midi
Time - midi
Easy South East - midi
Evening Sun Dance - midi
4 am, Mid Summer - midi
Falling Slowly in London - midi
Connected - midi
Western Music - midi
Water for the Land - midi
Winter is Coming - midi
This is True Ocean Blue - midi

- More will be added as I make them -


I will be writing these tracks to CD once I've made a few more. So if you're interested in hearing these songs how they were intended to sound then all you need to do is:

- email me: miditracks ----at----*
- specifically mention 'miditracks CD request' in the subject
- include your postal address.

I'll send an audio CD (complete with cover art!) to you for no charge, when it's complete.

If you have already requested a CD at another email address please resubmit your request, as I no longer have that account!

All the above midi files were made on a [Sorry - I'll find out soon!] sound device. They probably won't sound like I intended them to when they're played on a computer using a different sound device. Hope they still sound OK though!

Software. These Tracks were all made using Anvil Studio. This is virtually the only midi composing software I've ever used - I don't know how good others are - but I think this is an excellent programme and would really recommend this if you want to make some midi files from scratch, and don't have any software. It's very logical and simple enough to use well almost straight away, and the basic download version is free! You can also buy add-ons which increase the number of things you can do on it.

Why? The reason for making these tracks was purely just for fun and something to do! I'm a British uni student, and started making these tracks in the 2005 summer holiday, and have slowly continued around my other activities for two years more so far. I didn't really aim to make midis specifically, but I didn't have any other music software, and not enough money to feel good about buying any.

Anyway, hope you enjoy any of the tracks that you listen to. Let me know what you think of them if you feel like it, in the guestbook below!


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*Replace '----at----' with '@' and to get the actual email address. The address is diplayed like this to (try and) prevent automated junk mailing of my account!

If you'd like to use these tracks for something other than just listening to, please email me first at* before you do, to check it's OK.


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