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The pet ferret (Mustela putorious furo) is the only domesticated member of the weasel family Mustelidae. Wild members of this family include mink, otters, badgers and the endangered North American black-footed ferret.

Ferrets are small, quiet, fastidious and incredibly social. Best of all, you can raise them as comfortably in a one-room apartment as in a very large house.

Baby ferrets are called kits. They reach adult weight around 6 months of age and will attain maximum body size at six months. Spayed females are called sprites; neutered males are gibs. The adult female usually weighs from 1 pound to 3 pounds, the adult male a little more, from3 to5 pounds. Their basic color categories are albino and sable. Within the sable categories, you will find color varieties such as chocolate, cinnamon, champagne and silver mitt.

Ferrets will gain weight during fall for winter and will start losing weight during spring for summer. They will have a full winter coat and a lighter summer coat. Mask conformation (distinguishing markings and color) may change with season and age.

All ferrets must have certain immunizations to keep them happy and healthy. A distemper shot is giving at around 9,12 and 16 weeks. Then given once a year. Ferrets should also receive a rabies vaccination after 13 weeks of age and then once a year.

Your ferret should be neutered and descented because neutering helps reduce serious health complications in later years.

All ferrets must have regular examinations to keep them healthy .

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                                                                   Here are some Pictures of my two ferrets


                                                                              DALE AGE ONE BORN 12/16/01        



                                                                                 RUSTY AGE ONE BORN 12/25/01


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