I will be writing my own experiences about what CPS and their helpers have done to me and my family.  There is alot of information to write so please be patient until I add my story.

There are some links already posted below that I feel you should look at which will better help those who do not understand what we have had to go through.

What CPS has done is create an American Injustice to the American Family by falsely, and wrongfully accusing parents of child abuse that never happened, and tearing innocent children away from loving families.

If you know someone  who is actually abusing a child, call the authorities.
This web site is not for those who abuse children and are looking for a way
to hide and or cover up the abuse.

This website and the links to other sites are only for parents and others who have and are falsely  and wrongfully accused of the various forms of child abuse and for those who are interested in, supportive of and  dedicated to helping our cause.

I am not a lawyer. I cannot give legal advice, however I can send you in the right direction for legal help for victims of CPS and their helpers.

This information as well as other disclaimers will appear at the bottom of each page when each page is completed.  For now it appears here.

OK--Here is some info to get you going right away.
Please don't forget to
join the AFRA  and sign AFRA's Declaration of Hostilities Against CPS.
American Family Rights Association
Fight CPS and Win
False Allegations
A Voice For Children
Abuse Excuse - Dean Tong
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